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Skull And Bones: Ways To Optimize Damage And Loot During Crew Attacks

Posted: Feb 29, 2024

Skull and Bones features multiple types of crew attacks, which are contingent upon the health of the ship. Additionally, there are furniture items that provide supplementary advantages for utilizing crew attacks, along with specific weapons that enhance the likelihood of executing a crew attack. There's quite a bit to explore regarding Skull and Bones crew attacks. If you're interested in learning how to perform a crew attack, just follow this guide.

Skull And Bones: Ways To Optimize Damage And Loot During Crew Attacks

Customized User Interface Setting

My initial suggestion for crew attacks is to navigate to your settings and access this interface. From there, click on the customized user interface option. By default, the ship info display mode is set to auto. However, I suggest changing it to 'always shown' and enabling all relevant options. This adjustment allows you to view status effects and other pertinent information, including indications of proximity to a crew attack. Engaging in a crew attack significantly boosts your damage output.

Weapons & Furniture

When you fire a mortar, let's say it hits for 10K on a Ghost Ship. However, with a crew attack, the damage will skyrocket to around 42,000. If we access the Demi-Cannon III and select Zamzama III, you'll notice it's described as a short-range large ball cannon with thunderous power, adept at rendering ships vulnerable to crew attacks.

This weapon enhances the charge rate of the vulnerability effect by 50%. Several other weapons in the game offer similar benefits. Therefore, if you aim to unleash crew attacks and maximize damage, equipping Skull and Bones Items like the Zamzama can expedite the buildup of crew attack vulnerability, significantly accelerating the process.

Moreover, there are also some furniture items you can install on your ship to further enhance your capabilities. For instance, some furniture enables the recovery of 8,000 health upon executing a crew attack.

Crew Attacks Types

You have the option to throw fire bombs or fire muskets, depending on your ship. Besides, you can engage in crew boarding. And the crew boarding counts the same as firing your muskets and stuff, so you’re still going to get your health if you’ve got that furniture on. And what you want to do with this is, if you’re looking to deal with extra damage, then you want to fire your muskets or throw fire bombs.

If the ship's health is sufficiently low that your crew attack would be lethal, you'll have the option to initiate crew boarding. Crew boarding involves sinking the ship while also granting you additional loot. Your choices for crew attacks in Skull and Bones - whether to throw fire bombs, fire muskets or engage in crew boarding - depend on the health of the ship.

Skull And Bones Crew Boarding

For instance, when facing the Ghost Ship, if its health is already significantly reduced, it may be more advantageous to focus on dealing direct damage rather than activating crew attacks. This approach ensures that the vulnerability to crew attacks remains, potentially leading to the opportunity for crew boarding and acquiring extra loot in Skull and Bones.

Additional Loot

When the ship's health is low enough that a crew attack would sink it, you'll have the opportunity to board it and obtain additional loot. For instance, upon successful boarding, you'll receive bonus loot such as extra Skull and Bones Silver and Repair Kits.

This is especially advantageous when facing formidable adversaries like the Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones, where crew boarding can yield valuable rewards such as Ethereal Ashes. Therefore, maximizing crew boarding opportunities is highly beneficial.

The above summarizes the explanation of crew attacks in Skull and Bones and explains exactly how they work. Hope this guide is useful to you.


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