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Path Of Exile 3.23: What Is The Secret To Magic Find And Wildwood Farming?

Posted: Jan 18, 2024

Did you know that the major cause of these full stack Divine and Winged Scarab explosions are a result of unique items getting converted? But did you also know how much of a massive role Reliquary Scarabs have to do with this?

This guide should help you learn more about the secrets of Viridian Wildwood and why Tornado Shot builds are gathering more Wisps than any other Magic Find builds.

Before starting the guide, I want to share some very interesting things that I found from data miners and developers.

For starters, there are a bunch of contradictory facts going around regarding the effect of rarity in loot drops. One of which is that the amount of rarity from gear and party has no effect on getting stacks of Divine Orbs and Winged Scarabs.

To test these rumours, I ran several maps with Meticulous Appraiser.

What’s The Secret To Magic Find And Wildwood Farming In Path Of Exile 3.23?

Super High Rarity / Low Quantity

The results were stunningly bad that I can confidently report that there was no stack of Divines nor any Winged Scarabs without the quantity.

However, most of the few dropped items were either Rare or Uniques, which could have been converted into a few Divines and Winged Scarabs.

Negative Rarity / High Quantity

So what about negative rarity and high quantity?

According to data miners, rare monsters in POE have various modifiers with lines such as “dropped items are converted to basic currency items based on rarity”.

If you notice the tag, Rarity, this is referring to Normal, Magic, Rare and Unique.

Well theoretically, when you kill a rare monster, say the first Archnemesis modifier is, “dropped items contain a fractured mod”. The quantity factor obviously scaled the number of these drops.

With high rarity, most of these are converted into rare items, and some into unique items. With no or negative rarity, all or most of these will be scoured items that your loot filter will ignore. They won’t even have the effect of Archnemesis conversion.

Path Of Exile 3.23: Rarity and Quantity Explain

Rarity vs Reliquary Scarabs

When you use Reliquary Scarabs, you get a separate set of Uniques, separate from the whole rarity factor.

This was made clear to me when I ran several maps with and without gilded reliquary scarabs. So whether you have no rarity in your gear, if you were to use Reliquary Scarabs, you will still drop tons of Uniques based on the quantity factor.

So, the question you will be asking now is, does rarity on your gear and maps improve the quality of loot that you get?

How Loot Conversion Works?

Now coming back to the dead monster. So imagine if you have a mix of magic, rare and unique items in your drops. If the monster has a second modifier, say “dropped items are converted to scarabs based on rarity”, Scoured items will turn to Rusted Scarabs, Magic into Polished, Rare into Gilded and Uniques into Winged Scarabs.

This is exactly how it works for basic currency drops, except its Augmentations, Alterations, Chaos and Divines.

Now here is the unfortunate situation you never knew. If the monster has a third Archnemesis modifier, such as “Dropped items are converted to full-stacked Orbs of Fusing”. This means that all your beautiful Scarabs or Divines drops are forced to be converted into a single item based on the loot quantity.

Did you know that these kinds of forced conversion modifiers are quite common? This is why you see tons and tons of full stacks of Scrolls of Wisdom, Jeweller’s Orb and Fusings.

So ideally, the loot conversion should end at the one we want. But if you look at the shear reality of the game, everything is indeed a gamble. Unless you are farming Valdo’s Puzzle Boxes with a proper build.

If you run these Magic Find strategies on multiple maps with a high level of investment and follow solid guidance, you are sure to reap high POE Currency profits.

Offscreen Wisp Gathering Technique

Gathering high amounts of Wisps is the key element for everyone, unless you are just farming Ultimatum.

Of all Magic Find builds, why does Tornado build get more profit from Wisp farming?

The interesting thing about Tornado Shot build is that there are so many of these projectiles and they travel far. Now, if you’ve played Deadeye with Tailwind, you’ll know that maintaining 10 stacks of Gale Force requires a pretty high attack speed.

Path Of Exile 3.23: Offscreen Wisp Gathering Technique

He attacks with Manaforged Arrows, taunting monsters with every step. In a short time, he had already obtained more than three thousand Blue Wisps!

This is why, if you have Magic Find, I highly recommend a build with high projectile velocity. If you’re unlucky enough to spend Mirror of Kalandra on a Fulcrum or Caustic Arrow build, don’t worry. You can farm Wisp in Viridian Wildwood using a separate character. Once done, switch to your favorite character.

Abusing Wildwood Even More

This brings me to another interesting thing that players on Reddit noticed. If you open a portal in Wildwood, you can actually return to Wildwood even if your character dies in the forest.

Does this apply to the main boss fight? That’s right! You can indeed return to King in the Mists. But when you return, whether with another character or the same character, you’ll continue the fight in his third phase.

This means you can actually enter the final stage of the battle with a new character to unlock your fourth Wildwood Ascendancy Points!

However, that doesn’t mean you get much longer to explore the darkness. This is very useful when you find King in the Mists in T16 map.


Besides Harbinger’s loot and Expedition Currency, Yellow Wisps will increase your quantity factor in every aspect.

Purple Wisps only affect player and map rarity. This does nothing to get special items such as Fracturing Shard. Monsters contacted by Blue Wisps will drop basic, exotic and even map currency items.

So that’s why you should focus on collecting as many Yellow and Blue Wisps as possible instead of Purple Wisps.

Path Of Exile 3.23: Wisps Strategy

Another interesting thing is that Wisps’ type quantity also enhances the effect of empowerment. So if you collect 10k Blue Wisps, it will result in a lot of currency items dropping.

But this part may spark debate. Because of the representation, the combination of blue and purple guarantees that all enemies will drop coins and increase the rarity of those currency drops. But I can’t confirm that this buff has any direct impact on obtaining Valdo’s Puzzle Boxes and Voidborn Reliquary Key.

I completely agree that yellow and blue are the best combination. By multiplying Blue Wisps currency drops with Yellow, this will definitely yield the highest raw currency amount.

I also agree that yellow and purple combo gives you more chances to get rare items. This combo also has the strongest interaction with the Archnemesis item conversion modifier, which converts all loot into currency, scarabs, and other items.

This is exactly what I discuss in the loot conversion section of this guide. Even combinations can be hard to come by, but having all three colors is great for farming loot. I’d like to call it an Uber map!

The quantity, rarity and pack size of the map are indeed related to the league mechanism. But rarity has no effect on Wildwood vendors or Wisps that gather in Wildwood.


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