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POE 3.23: Best Charm Mods For Storm Burst Totem Build In Affliction League!

Posted: Dec 14, 2023

Today I want to discuss Charm Mods that I think would be beneficial for our Storm Burst Totem build. Although I’ve listed these mods for Storm Burst Totem here, they will actually work with any Totem build.

In my opinion, these green mods are the best mods in their respective fields. Just in case you don’t know yet, let me give you a brief introduction to it.

POE 3.23: Best Charm Mods For Storm Burst Totem Build In Affliction League!

Among them, Lupine Charm only provides mods from Dexterity class. For example, you’ll find Assassin’s Lupine Charm of Pathfinder, but you won’t find Assassin’s Lupine Charm of Chieftain. Because Chieftain is a class with only strength.

In addition, Magic Charm can only have a prefix and a suffix. You won’t find any Magic Charm in these mods together, as they are all suffixes.

POE 3.23: Best Charm Mods For Totem

Best Charm Mods For Totem

Now you know how to mix and match the mods you want. Another important thing is Charm stack.


Take this Juggernaut defense mod as an example. We have 4 permanent Endurance Charges, which means if you stack this mod, you’ll get at least a 48% Chaos Resistance boost.

Chaos Resistance is very important in Affliction League, especially when you’re fighting purple monsters in Wildwood.

For years, developers have been trying to fit as much chaos damage into the game as possible. For example, degens in Ultimatum, damage mods, and now purple monsters in Affliction.

Players can no longer run around with negative Chaos Resistance. At least you need to turn it into positive resistance. So if you are trying to improve your Chaos Resistance, this mod will be great for our build.

If you remember, Totems Taunt Enemies is one mod for Totem Mastery. They removed it in the last league and now it’s back.

This debuff creates Aggro, causing monsters to target Totem instead of you, while dealing 10% less damage to you. If you want to get more HP, then this is the mod you can consider.

Another best defense mod is Spell Suppression. I’ve designed a POB with full Spell Suppression for Storm Burst Totem. I’ll talk more about this later.


Offensively, Assassin’s mod has the highest critical hit multiplier damage, followed by Inquisitor’s Damage Penetrates. If you want better clearing speed, you can get greater AOE with each Power Charge.


I also have a section on improving QOL. Just be careful not to modify the movement speed below the base value.

We’re playing a Totem build, which means having good mobility to dodge properly is key to survival. Because there are many mechanics in the game that will slow you down, such as some debuffs in Chill, Tar, and Delirium.

These QOL mods increase the effectiveness of Magic Utility Flask. It can increase your damage, armor, or movement speed, depending on which flasks you use.

The last one, flasks gets a charge every 3 seconds. If you stack 3 Charm with this mod, it gives you Ascendancy skill, Nature’s Adrenaline. So you will have a longer flask uptime.

PoE 3.23: Storm Burst Totems - Cheap League Starter

How To Build A Spell Suppression?

Now, let’s talk about POB of full Spell Suppression. You need to stack at least 2 Charms using Spell Suppression mod. Ideally, you want to get a Charm that offers both crit multi per Power Charge and Spell Suppress. This is also the best combination of offense and defense.

But Charm is quite expensive now. Therefore, if you don’t have enough POE currency budget, you can consider other Mark Effects or Onslaught Effect combined with Spell Suppression.

Next, you have to unassign these nodes and assign to Spell Suppression node here. If you use 3 Charms in Spell Suppression mod, you will now have about a 60%-70% chance of suppressing spell damage.

Then you can get the rest of the stuff from your gear, like your gloves and your boots. If you don’t mind giving up some damage, you can also get some from Eldritch Implicit Modifiers on the gloves.

Agnerod West vs Annihilating Light

So why did I choose to use Agnerod West instead of Annihilating Light in this build?

POE: Agnerod West

Because Agnerod West gives you more flexibility with your gear, and should be cheaper on the overall budget. You can also use +2 wand and a shield instead of Agnerod West. You can get another 6 to 7 million DPS, but it’s obviously more expensive.

As for Annihilating Light, since Elemental Resistance of the weapon is reduced, you need to replace Wrath with Purity of Elements to limit the resistance.

Ultimately, it’s more tanky, with full Spell Suppression and Elemental Ailment Immunity. It does about 40 to 50 million damage, plus Frenzy Charge, which is only slightly more than Spell Suppression version with a wand and a shield.

POE: Annihilating Light

So now, I have two versions for the endgame. Annihilating Light version can achieve higher damage. If you are a DPS Warrior, or a skilled player, then you can choose this setting.

I highly recommend using Spell Suppression version, as Affliction is quite lethal. I like that this version gives you a lot of flexibility. You can add Spell Suppression on top of some Chaos Resistance, which is very important in this league.


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