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Path Of Exile 3.24: This Method Is Effective For Farming Huge Amount Of Orbs

Posted: Apr 13, 2024

I've been experimenting with various farming strategies in Path Of Exile 3.24 new league, and today, I stumbled upon a new method that works very well. This strategy is truly remarkable, and everything you obtain will be in the form of Chaos Orbs. While the initial investment is quite high, once you make your first set of investments, the profits keep rolling in.

How It Works

This farm works by forcing strongboxes to spawn a specific monster from the Allflames, and this monster is from the Allflame Ember of Manifested Wealth. If you don’t know, this Allflame monster pack drops a lot of Chaos Orbs and even Exalted Orbs frequently, and this is what we’re going to be farming.

We’ll be combining so many strongboxes and the chance to open strongboxes again, as the Allflame monsters do appear in strongboxes. They aren’t always guaranteed to be in them, but the chance of them being there is very high, and this is actually how we keep our profits up.

Path Of Exile 3.24: This Method Is Effective For Farming Huge Amount Of Orbs

Farming Investments

Now, for the investments, the primary item to acquire is the Allflame Ember of Manifested Wealth. This component is undoubtedly pivotal, and I suggest focusing on the Yellow Maps for optimal results. Monster levels ranging from 68 to 78 tend to be more affordable.

However, if you seek one with a level of 79 or higher, expect a significantly higher price, potentially around 100K. Therefore, prioritize those under Level 78, as they are more budget-friendly.

When it comes to scarabs, prioritize acquiring the Ambush Scarab of Hidden Compartments, which provides a 50% chance for the strongboxes in the area to be openable again. Additionally, consider obtaining the Ambush Scarab, which adds 5 extra strongboxes. This investment is crucial for maximizing profits.

If you already have 4 slots, consider investing in either the Domination Scarab for additional shrines or the Scarab of Monstrous Lineage, which boosts magic pack size. Both options yield similar results, and while it's uncertain whether they affect outcomes, I prefer prioritizing shrines.

The last part of the investment is our Map Device, and we’ll be using the Ambush Map Device for another 5 additional strongboxes.

Atlas Tree

For our tree, getting more map nodes, trying to get the Monstrous Treasure and Shrine nodes. Then grab Tamper-Proof and Secret Compartment. Once we get that, we also want to grab these Shrine nodes, as well as the Quality for Atlas tree.

Lastly, grabbed all the strongbox nodes. It doesn’t really matter which strongboxes we get, we just want any of them. Take additional Shrine nodes, cover to Shrine the last Invasive Adversaries, and then Remarkable Relics. So, I’m just trying to get as many shrines, boxes, and effects of stuff on our maps.

Avoid Rituals

Avoid engaging in rituals for farming, as killing monsters in rituals, especially the manifested wealth, doesn't yield any drops despite their appearance. Additionally, refrain from using more than one Allflame, particularly if it drops currency like Tainted Currency or Abyss Jewels. Using multiple Allflames can decrease the appearance rate of Manifested Wealth monsters in the strongboxes.


Here's the breakdown: we can obtain 1,446 Chaos Orbs, 54 Exalted Orbs, and 44 Vaal Orbs. Now, let's delve into 25 maps using the Manifested Wealth strategy. You can acquire them at 175 chaos per set. Considering the price change, I gained 94 chaos per map, totaling 7,000 chaos across 25 maps, with a profit of 2,300. The investment will hover around 4,000 to 5,000.

This strategy is remarkably simple. You don't need an overpowering character. You're essentially dispatching harmless creatures with minimal risk to your character.


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