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Path Of Exile 3.24: Discover The Potential Of This Aura Stacking Setup For Champion

Posted: Apr 15, 2024

Welcome, fellow players! Let me share an effective setup for Champion aura stacking with you today. In the new League in Path of Exile 3.24, some new Uniques appear, and I will pick the Hand of Phrecia to stack the Champion aura and explore the interaction in this setup.

However, for the most part, this setup is very limiting in terms of build scope. I do believe that this setup can be effective. You just need to find the right avenue to go down to make the best use of this combination of mechanics. I will show the potential of these 2 unique items together for the Champion.

Path Of Exile 3.24: Discover The Potential Of This Aura Stacking Setup For Champion

Champion Ascendancy

The Champion ascendancy has the Inspirational notable which grants 30% increased aura effect and another 5% on the small node as well, and it also makes Banner skills have no Reservation, which is quite important to how many Reservation skills you're going to want to fit in with a setup like this.

Passive Tree

The passive tree paths up into the Scion starting area, grabs the Mana Reservation Efficiency Mastery for 3 points, and then through the Evasion wheel, going into the Ranger's starting area for the Charisma wheel and also taking the Mastery for 8% increase damage per aura affecting you.

That Mastery is going to provide a great value for 1 point spent in this type of build, and then the tree also passes up the side of the Scion area to grab the Leadership wheel too for even more Mana Reservation Efficiency and aura effect.

Instead of socketed gems being supported by Level 30 Generosity, we have socketed gems have 49% increased effect of Non-Curse aura from your skills, and this simulates those socketed gems being supported by Level 30 Generosity while also using the Hand of Phrecia.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Generosity Support

This current setup is using Grace, Determination, triple Purity, and Defiance Banner, and you can find that just with the scaling on this small passive tree, we're already at 42k Evasion, 30k armor, and 84% Maximum Elemental Resistances.

Hand Of Phrecia

The Hand of Phrecia will allow you to use Generosity Support to provide a huge aura effect boost to linked auras, which allows you to gain the aura effect from this support gem whilst the aura itself still affects you because the gloves have a modifier which states that auras only affect you and linked targets.

Victario's Influence

This unique body armor is very common and is typically used in builds to either support other players via a bunch of auras or empower the player's minions. It grants a large amount of Reservation Efficiency to socketed gems and supports those gems with Level 30 Generosity Support.

The cool thing about Victario's Influence though is that it's so common that you can just purchase these cheaply or find enough of them to corrupt them with Vaal Orbs for a corrupted implicit.

Skill Gems

This build has all of its Mana reserved, but this is without using a helmet or any jewel sockets, so you can easily free up more Reservation Efficiency to pay skill cost with Mana. This will provide enough Mana for skill usage.

So in this setup, there are all Level 20 gems improved to Level 21 with the Victario's Influence modifier, which grants +1 to socketed aura gem levels. You can corrupt these gems to be Level 21, which would bring their total gem levels to 22.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Victario's Influence

In an aura stacking build, this extra 1% may seem trivial, but it's crucial. The aura effect breakpoint for gaining additional Maximum Resistance from these auras shifts from 25% to 20%.

You're looking for +2 to the level of socketed aura gems or +2 to the level of socketed AOE gems. You could fix the sockets after hitting the corruption if you wanted to use Tainted Jeweller's Orb and Tainted Chromatic Orb.

Final Thought

This is just an example. You could use the classic Champion's best belt - Perseverance to make use of the arm and Evasion. You could instead choose to spec into Iron Reflexes on the tree and go for more of an armor stacking setup, but you’re unlikely to scale a Breach Core body armor for that type of build.

If you didn’t want to use the triple Purity aura setup, you could instead go for a single Purity and drop the other 2 and then make use of Purity of Elements for the elemental ailment immunity that it provides and use melding of the flesh to gain all Maximum Elemental Resistances based on a single Purity of Elements that you chose to go with.


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