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Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Build The Fastest Shockwave Autobomber Mapper In Affliction League?

Posted: Dec 28, 2023

In this guide, I will show you one of fastest builds in Path of Exile 3.23, and that is the Static Strike Shockwave Autobomber, originally designed by Paleron. This build devours everything in its path, its burst damage is more than enough to one shot all Guardians, and can deal with uber bosses in a reasonable time.

This build is a monster of a mapper. Not only is it blazingly fast, but it also features 50 million burst damage, enough to one-shot every single non-uber boss in the game. It's also very tanky, featuring over 8,000 life and max attack block, coupled with lots of armor and 75% Berserk uptime. So make sure you have enough POE Currency and then dive into this build.

Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Build The Fastest Shockwave Autobomber Mapper In Affliction League?


Let's begin with our Ascendancy. We are a Duelist ascended into a Slayer, and that's for many reasons.

First, we have Brutal Fervour. This node doubles the effect of our life leech and makes it uninterruptible by being on full life. It also makes us take 10% of reduced damage from all sources while leeching, basically all the time.

Next, we have Impact. This node grants us some Global Accuracy rating and a more than welcome boost to our area of effect. This node also allows us to deal 15% more damage to enemies based on proximity, and yes, this applies to all attack damage-based skills, even Shockwave.

From here, we go for Bane of Legends. This node grants us a permanent 20% more damage boost against unique enemies. That's in addition to 10% more damage if you have killed recently.

Last, we got Headsman. This node grants us that iconic 20% Culling Strike, which helps us finish off bosses when our damage falls short. This node also grants us 10% increased attack and movement speed for 20 seconds while mapping.

Passive Tree

Let's talk about our passive tree. Our tree focuses on strength, attack damage, Warcry effect, attack crit chance, attack crit multi, life, life regen, and increased skill effect duration.

Next, we have one Large Cluster Jewel that adds no notables. This one focuses on maximizing the benefits of smaller nodes, granting us strength, life, and increased node effect. From here, we branch off into a Medium Warcry Cluster Jewel that adds the following notables: Warning Call and Rattling Below.


Next, for Mastery choices, we have 15% increased maximum life if our chest has no life on it, 20% increased Area of Effect if we have dealt a crit recently, plus 25% to Critical Strike multiplier against unique enemies, 10% more skill effect Duration, and 5% increased Attributes.


Let’s talk about POE Items. First, we have the signature item for all strength stackers, and that is the Iron Fortress. This chest grants us lots of strength and a chance to block attack damage based on how much of it we have. At 2,400 strength, we are pretty much block-capped. Now, this item further increases the physical damage bonuses added from strength from 2 to 3%. That sounds useless at first, but we do take advantage of that thanks to a trick we utilize on our passive tree.

Next, we have Replica Alberon’s Warpath. These boots grant us a percentage of increased strength and added chaos damage to attacks based on how much of it we have. This is where all of our flat damage comes from. Without this item, you deal with no damage. Hence, this spell doesn’t work without it.

Now that we’ve got our flat damage sorted, we need to find a way to scale it. We have the Iron Will keystone allocated to our passive tree. It makes the physical bonuses of strength apply to all spell damage as well. Then we have 100% uptime on Battlemage's Cry, which makes spell damage modifiers apply to all attack damage based on its power.

Path of Exile 3.23 Battlemage's Cry

To scale that, we use Redblade Banner Shield, which gives Warcry infinite power. This shield also reduces Warcry cooldown, allowing that permanent sustain on Battlemage's buff effect. Based on this interaction, scaling spell damage is more efficient than attack damage in this build. This shows in our weapon.

We have an MACE with crafted spell damage on it and increased area of effect per 50 strength Elder Mod. These are our mandatory mods. Aside from them, you can have Increased Critical Strike chance and chaos penetration as luxury. And ideally, you want to craft all of that on a Boom Mace for its built-in explode effect.

Our next mandatory item is a Double-Influenced helm with elevated increased accuracy and crit chance per 10 strength we have. This is a Warlord mod, which you want to combine via Orb of Dominance in nearby enemies having minus Chaos Resistance Hunter mod. Aside from these two, we have crafted life and unveiled plus two levels of socketed AOE gems.

For our auras, our next item is Kaom's Spirit unique gloves. These gloves convert our Life Regeneration into Active Rage Generation. Rage stacks up to 50 times and grants us increased attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed. It’s a nice buff. However, we sacrifice it for Berserk, that’s 20% more attack speed and damage, 30% more movement speed, and 20% less damage taken. We have around 75% uptime on it, which is massive. Anyway, make sure to get your gloves corrupted with the spare on hit implicit so that you will automate the curse, freeing up mana since you no longer have to run it as an aura.

Our next item is Eyes of the Greatwolf amulet with increased Attributes implicit. This implicit is about as good as a perfectly rolled Astramentis. However, depending on how well the second implicit is, this can either be a cheap or an expensive upgrade. It’s up to you. Make sure to anoint your amulet with Heart of Darkness via tainted oils for its massive damage boost.

Then,the next item is a belt with increased strength synthesized implicit. It has tier one strength, life, and the resistance mod, that, alongside increased cooldown recovery rate. This is a Syndicate mod, and it is mandatory. You can manually craft this via your Crafting Bench, and it should be enough.

Now for our rings. First, we have a generic Le Heup of All ring corrupted with increased strength implicit. This is best in slot, as we need every single stat on it. Our second ring is a little different. It’s a rare one with life, strength, resistances, and crafted minus Mana cost of non-channeling skills. You will need to have this crafted somewhere, otherwise, you will have some Mana issues. But with that, we are done with our items.


Let’s talk about gems that go inside them. For our main 6-link, we have Static Strike, Shockwave, Awakened Void Manipulation, Pulverize, Increased Critical Strikes, and Increased Critical Damage.

We have our main aura setup. This one contains Determination, Summon Skitterbots, Awakened Unbound Ailments, and Level 4 Enlighten. Make sure to have this setup in your helm to benefit from the plus two AOE gems mod if you have it there.

Next, we have a second following setup that contains the following gems: Blood and Sand, Withering Step, Vitality, and Level 1 Precision.

Then we have a 3-link that contains our main Warcry setup. We have Battlemage's Cry, Urgent Orders, and Precision. Precision will automatically trigger in the spell thanks to Battlemage's Cry ability to auto-trigger it once you attack with Static Strike.

We also have a pseudo 4-link setup that goes in our weapon. We use this one for bosses only. It contains Frozen Legion, Pulverize, Awakened Void Manipulation, and Increased Critical Strike Support. It will also get Increased Critical Strike Support from our weapon if you have it crafted there.


Let’s talk about jewels. For our Watcher’s Eye, we have increased life recovery rate while affected by Vitality and increased Critical Strike multiplier while affected by Precision.

We have a Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel that mentions any general. We don’t use this one for its added Keystone. Rather, we care about the random bonuses it adds to nearby notables. We are looking for as many strength bonuses as possible.

Then, we have an Unnatural Instinct Jewel. This one will grant the bonuses of all nearby unallocated small passive nodes within its range. Now here is the thing: our Lethal Pride Jewel adds the small strength bonuses to all small nodes within its range, and since Unnatural Instinct’s range overlaps with Lethal Pride, we get about 100 points of strength for free.

Path of Exile 3.23 Unnatural Instinct Jewel

Next, we have two Split Personality Jewels that grant strength and life based on the distance between them to our class starting location.

Any remaining jewel sockets you have left should be filled with a normal rare jewel like this one. We are looking for life, resistances, and as many damage modifiers as possible, preferably crit multi.

Bandits And Pantheons

Finally, for Bandits Quest, we are goingto help Alira as usual. As for Pantheons, we got the Soul of the Brine King and the Soul of Abberath and that was it for our take on Path of Exile 3.23 best Shockwave mapper.


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