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Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Build An Ultimate Blade Vortex Autobomber In Affliction League?

Posted: Jan 02, 2024

I have the best version of Blade Vortex for you that you will ever see in Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League, one capable of blasting multiple screens worth of monsters in a flash. It’s also as fast as we have heavily optimized the spell for clearing. Throughout all of that, it will maintain enough damage to handle uber bosses. In this guide, I will show you how the scale performs with an ideal amount of POE Currency.I

Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Build An Ultimate Blade Vortex Autobomber In Affliction League?


We are good Assassin. An ascendency that grants high damage and easy access to power chargers.

First, we begin with Unstable Infusion. This nod increases our maximum power charge count by one and gives us a chance to generate power charges on hit which is like all the time.

From here we path to Deadly Infusion. This not further scales our global crit chance and crit multi with power charges.

Next we take Mistwalker. This not grants us an Elusive buff with 50% increased effect. Elusive grants us increased movement speed and chance to avoid all damage from hits after we crit something. It’s the embodiment of Hit-and-run tactic.

Last but not least, we have the Opportunistic. This node grants us 25% more damage against lonely unique enemies and minus 20% damage taken otherwise. Its pure damage boost to single bosses and the passive defensive layer while mapping.

Passive Tree

Let’s take a look at our passive tree. Our tree focuses on power charges, spell damage, cast speed, crit chances and crit multi area of effect and area damage, energy shield and intelligence.

Next, we have 2 large plus jewels setups. These only add small physical nodes and focus on increasing their bonuses. They grant us energy shield, intelligence and increase attack and cast speed with physical spells.

Next we got one medium cluster of jewels that adds the following AOE notables, vast power and magnifier.


Next for mastery choices. We have 8% increased damage per aura or Herald affecting us, plus 25% to Critical Strike multiplier against unique enemies, stun Threshold is based on 60% of energy shield in a state of life, 100% increased energy shield from helms, 12% increased mana reservation efficiency and 5% increase attributes.


Let’s talk about POE Items. First, we are Dual-Wielding 2 void batteries as our main hand weapons. This one increases our power charge count by one. Global crit chance and increases our spell damage per power charge we have. Pretty standard option for any power charge stacking build.

Next, we have Crown of the Inward Eye with plus one to maximum power charge corruption. Overall, This is better than any mirror tier rare Helm out there, especially if you consider the cost of crafting something that is better than this.

Next we have a rare chests, Hate Curtain Vaal Regalia with Elevated explode Crusader mod. This is mandatory. Alongside it, you want to get as many defensive mods as possible, like energy shield resistances and intelligence.

Next, we have a Precursor' Emblem unique ring with plus one to maximum power charge mod. Usually that alone would be enough, but if possible you’d want to get increased moving speed or increased energy shield per power charge with it. This combination of mods together is expensive. Hence, instead of getting 2 of it, I decided to mirror the first ring with Kalandra’s Touch, as that was unironically cheaper.

Path of Exile 3.23 Kalandra’s Touch

Our next item is a rare amulet called Pandemonium with increased AOE, increase area damage, dexterity crit multi and increase moving speed. To craft this, I had to finish the prefixes first with a combination of an Awakener's Orb and then Aisling Bench. Then I exalt spam the suffixes until I had something good. If you feel intimidated from crafting, then feel afraid to use Replica Karui Ward instead. it’s the same thing minus the suffixes. Don’t forget to anoint your amulet with enigmatic reach, for that extra area of effect boost with power charges.

Our next item is Mageblood. I don’t like using this item in any of my builds because it’s expensive and makes people angry. However, Blade Vortex is a skill whose performance is tied directly with moving speed. As its plates have low duration, so so instead of focusing on increasing it, we try to maximize the area we cover during its duration. Mageblood allows us to run speed flasks with double defects.

Our next item is a pair of boots named Brimstone Spark Sorcerer Boots with moving speed, energy shield, Tailwind and Intelligence. We craft the suffixes first with intelligence essences until we hit Tailwind with them. Then we exalt spam the prefixes for movement, speed and energy shield.

Our last item here is a pair of energy shield gloves, Havoc Fist Sorcerer Gloves corrupted with vulnerability curse on heads. It’s not going to be easy to find something like this, so I recommend you to just ignore the corruption and focus on the mods on the item instead.


Let’s talk about gems. That goes inside of them for our main six link. We have Vaal blade Vortex, Awakened Brutality, Power Charge on Crit, intensity Empower and Increase Critical Damage. We are running pure physical damage here.

Next we have a four link aura setup. This one contains Pride, Discipline, Herald of Purity and Level 3 Enlighten.

Path of Exile 3.23 Level 3 Enlighten

Next we got the second four link Aura setup. This one contains Flesh and Stone, War Banner, Maim support and another Level 3 Enlighten gem. Make sure to leave Flesh and Stone on blood stance otherwise, it’s completely useless.

Last but not least, we have few leftover gems. These are: Level 1 Precision, Level 1 Clarity, Level 1 Vitality and so on. Your remaining gem sockets can be used for whatever move skill setup you like.


Let’s talk about jewels. For our Watcher’s Eye, we have 40% faster start of energy shield recharge while affected by discipline and gain 10% of maximum mana as extra maximum energy shield while affected by Clarity. The first mod is mandatory while the second one is optional.

Next we got one Militant Faith Timeless Jewel that mentions High Templar, Dominus specifically. place this one in this socket to maximize its effect. This Jewel will convert all nearby keystones into inner conviction. Inner conviction grants us 3% more spill damage per power charge we have.

Any remaining jewel socket you have left should be filled with a normal rare jewel like this one. We are looking for energy shield and as many damage modifiers as possible. You can also get resistances or attributes if you still need them.

Bandits And Pantheons

For Bandits Quest, we are going to help Alira as usual. As for Pantheons, we got the Soul of the Brine King and the Soul of Abberath.


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