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Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Efficiently Make More Currency In Affliction League? - Best Farming Strategies

Posted: Jan 09, 2024

Here, I’m going to talk about the current meta farming strategy and some other farming strategies that I think are good in POE 3.23.

In POE 3.23 Affliction League, we were introduced to 3 types of wisps that give increased item rarity, item quantity and currency items. These wisps have insane synergy with Magic Find builds that stack IIQ and IIR. When combined, they create huge loot explosions. This causes MF builds to be very popular.

Path Of Exile 3.23: How To Efficiently Make More Currency In Affliction League? - Best Farming Strategies

MF + Abyss

Many people are abusing this mechanic with Abyss to get insanely good loot. The question is: should you do it if you haven’t?

I’m sure you have seen at least one of those videos that talked about how profitable it is. For example, getting lots of raw divine drops, mirror drops, or Mageblood if they scale item rarity. While the loot is very attractive, let’s look at the farming methods.

Is this farming strategy really for you? First, this strategy requires you to run Tier 7 Cemetery maps. Tier 7 because you want to spawn Stygian Spires instead of Abyssal Depths. For some people, running low tier maps just isn’t for them because they find it boring. You also want to get maps with Additional Projectiles mod for the Spires to spawn more rares. You will need to roll your maps for Additional Projectiles or buy them. For people who are very comfortable with “Alch and Go” strategy, this may feel like too much work.

Second, this strategy is highly dependent on the amount of wisps you get. If you can only get like 2k wisps, this strategy is not going to work well. So, you will need to research, and test run how to get more wisps to juice your maps. Ideally, you want your Spires to be purple juiced so that they will spawn more projectiles. However, this is entirely RNG, and there are times your Spires will not be juiced at all. When running this strategy, you want to take extra care not to kill off Stygian Spires too quickly because you want them to spawn more rares, which can be a little difficult if you’re using something like a Headhunter, or if you’re running a build that can one-shot the entire screen. There is one thing some people aren’t aware of. When you have a lot of wisps, the empowered rares can be very deadly, even if you’re in a Tier 7 map. If you’re not skilled at dodging, then you may have to look for non-bow or Pathfinder MF builds.

Lastly, let’s talk about the investment for running this strategy. If you want to properly juice your maps like a lot of the streamers do, you will have to use Sextants and Scarabs. However, some of these things have become quite expensive since a lot of people are running this strategy. So, you will need some POE Currency before starting this strategy.

With all these things being said, am I telling you to avoid this strategy? No, not at all. MF + Abyss is literally broken right now. This is one of the best leagues to play a MF build. However, I think that it’s important to know what you’re signing up for before diving into this strategy, rather than just blindly following some guides, cause you may end up in disappointment.

While this strategy is good, it is not for everyone, and it’s fine. Some people may feel left out if they don’t play a MF build this league, but honestly, don’t be. You’re not forced to run this strategy. If you’re not a fan of MF and you want to avoid this? It’s totally fine. In fact, this is the best time to farm your favourite mechanics. Here’s why.

POE 3.23 MF + Abyss


In POE 3.22, Harvest sextants were at least 1 Divine Orb each, but if you look at the trade site now, you can buy one for only 10 Awakened Sextants. This means that you can farm Harvest with lower investment and get a similar amount of profits.

This is the price for each Lifeforce. Yellow Lifeforce is about 3000 for a divine, purple 3200 for 1 divine and blue 3500 for a divine. Sacred Blossom is about 1.7 Divine Orbs right now. So, without an MF build, you will still be able to generate a lot of currency using this strategy. You can look up Exosta, he has a complete guide for Harvest Crop Rotation farming strategy.

POE 3.23 Harvest


I’m not a fan of Sanctum, but look at the Sanctum price of Original Sin. Now, convince me this is not the best time to farm Sanctum.

You can’t because this is the best time to farm it! If you’re already making a lot of currency running Sanctum last league, you’re just going to earn more than this league. However, if you want to get Original Sin, you will need to do no hit Sanctum, so finding a build for this is important.

Also, you will need to equip The Original Scripture, which is a unique relic that has a chance to drop from Lycia in Sanctum areas that are at least 81. If you’re not confident with running no hit Sanctum, you can sell this instead of around 500 Divine Orbs. If you’re not running no hit Sanctum, you’ll still be printing currency, such as Divine Orbs, Sextants and possibly Mirror. You can check out Travic or Empy for detailed guides about Sanctum mechanic and how to run it.


As for Blight, oils give really good profits right now, probably because there’s high market demand but fewer people are farming Blight.

This is the price for the more valuable oils:

  • 140 Chaos Orbs for Golden Oil
  • 70 Chaos Orbs for Silver Oil
  • 28 Chaos Orbs for Opalescent Oil

Also, if you run Corrupted Blighted Maps, you will have a chance to drop Tainted Oils, which can be sold for 3 Divine Orbs each.

Apart from oils, you also get a variety of POE Items, for example Essences, maps and stacked decks. If you’re not into gambling, you can sell 60 stacked decks for 1 Divine Orb.

POE 3.23 Blight


Breach is great as well. I remember buying a Chayula’s Breachstone for 70 Chaos Orbs one or two weeks ago. But now, you have to pay at least 160 Chaos Orbs for one.

If you’re someone who runs Breachstones for profit, Blessings also cost more this league, so it’s worth it. There are some Breach exclusive unique items that can be very valuable, such as Skin of the Lords and Voice of the Storm. I sold a Voice of the Storm for a Divine Orb last week, but it is at least 4 Divine Orbs now.


Next, the easy Beast/Essence strategy. I’m doing Essence as a side mechanic and I noticed that most of the Essences are selling for more this league. If you spec into the Essence nodes, you’ll get a lot of Essences per map.

All you need is a fast build that deals decent damage. Defense isn’t that important because you’re going to farm low tier maps. Low tier maps are the best for this strategy because they remove many uncommon beasts from the pool, and so you have a higher chance of getting Craicic Chimeral, which can be sold for 2.5 Divine Orbs.

Essences don’t scale with map tiers, so it’s okay. If you want to run this strategy, go for it.

POE 3.23 Beast/Essence

Sextant Rolling

Lastly, the strategy that doesn’t require any build, Sextant rolling.

All you need are your 4 Voidstones and Enduring Influence atlas node and you’re good to go. Currently, the best sextants are the ones that are used with Abyss MF farming strategy. For example, Beyond sextant for around 260 Choas Orbs, Delirium for 100 Choas Orbs, Enraged Strongbox for 100 Choas Orbs, corrupted maps with 8 mods for 80 Choas Orbs and additional Abyss for 70 Choas Orbs.

There’re also some that are not as valuable, but you can still sell them for good currency.


Basically, this is the league to do any strategy and still profit a lot. Everyone is doing the same thing doesn’t mean that you have to.

At the end of the day, it’s a game and the most important thing is that you’re having fun. I personally feel like the easiest way to generate currency is to do something you enjoy.

Of course, if you’re into MF builds, then this is definitely one of the best leagues to run them. Also, I would like to mention that you can play an MF build and farm something other than Abyss.


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