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New World Will Add More Expeditions and Mutators

Posted: Jan 21, 2022

New World will introduce more mutators and expeditions. So we can expect to see more mutators in the New World, which will affect the special enemies in the expedition and give them unique traits to increase the complexity and difficulty of the battle. IGGM gathered the relevant specific information.

They were inspired by many different MMOs, Roguelikes, and action-adventure games when developing Mutators, and they took the approach of challenging players and rewarding them with fantastic rewards.

Develop layers of challenges by providing many afflictions, family types, and abilities. Each needs to be handled differently, requires better gear and teamwork, and gives better rewards.

Players can expect meaningful content and variety, and Mutators are just the beginning, challenging players to try different play styles, gear, and team compositions to gain new resources and gear to power up. Expect to see more expeditions and mutators in the future. Once the game content becomes richer, you can go further and more smoothly with the help of New World Coins, to get a better sense of game experience.

At the moment, the community's attitude towards mutated expeditions is good, and the development team is surprised how quickly some groups coordinate to destroy bosses. However, this mode still has some bugs that devs are working on. This includes bosses with certain mutators, which is much more difficult than expected. Negative scores may be earned due to poor performance and sometimes lead to greater difficulties.

IGGM will continue to pay attention to relevant news and will provide corresponding game guides as quickly as possible. As long as you need any help, IGGM can provide anything you need, whether strategically or in terms of resources.


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