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New World Update Note: Legacy Of Crassus(2.21-3.7)

Posted: Feb 17, 2023

The developer of Colonial-themed MMORPG New World is launching a new Legacy Of Crassus. The main content of this new event includes new Bosses, new items and daily rewards. This new Legacy Of Crassus will be live from February 21st to March 7th.

New World was launched by the developer in September 2021. This MMOARPG, which takes the virtual North Atlantic island of Aeternum as the background of the event, was very popular in the early days of the event because of the large amount of hype before the release, and was very popular among gamers. 

However, due to the difficulties in the release of the event and problems in the later stage, frequent game updates and other phenomena have caused the number of players in New World to decrease sharply. At the beginning of 2022, the game data continued to decline, and even New World received very few reviews from players when it was released.

Even so, New World was not abandoned by the developer, and new activities and content for New World continued to be launched afterwards.

New World Legacy Of Crassus

Legacy Of Crassus is the developer's latest campaign for New World. New World's upcoming new event will see the might of Rome return to Aeternum. 

Although the player defeated Crassus in New World's Ennead Expedition before, Corrupted Legion who followed Crassus were not defeated, and instead began to invade the southern regions. Corrupted Legion of Crassus summoned the cyclopes Lucanus and Decimus to conquer the island in order to accomplish a goal they set centuries ago.

Players must hunt down these monster-like Centurions if they want to defeat Roman dominion of Corrupted Legion and save the island. New World players can unlock eight different exclusive New World Items by winning two new level 66 boss battles. 

At the same time, around New World's island of Aeternum, players can explore other ways to challenge different Bosses in order to obtain different game experiences. These Bosses are generally distributed in areas such as Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove.

The cyclopes Lucanus and Decimus in New World can be challenged by any player at will. Of course, every time a player wins a challenge, they will get a New World Item with a random level, or a New World Item with exclusive naming rights from Brimstone Sands or better Aeternum

At the same time, after the player wins each challenge, one of the eight exclusive New World Items will be randomly selected and automatically stored in a special reward cache. 

8 New World Items are Wrath of Decimus Great Ax, Hoplites Great Blade, Cuirass of Decimus Heavy Chest Armor, Fists of Decimus Heavy Gauntlets, Sagittar of Lucanus Bow and so on.

The developers promise that New World players will automatically unlock all eight exclusive New World Items after killing the cyclopes Lucanus and Decimus eight times. At the same time, one of the daily rewards will randomly have one to three Obsidian Gypsum, 500 Umbral Shards, and a Craft Mod, which will have a 25% chance to enhance the ability of New World's crafted items. 

Overall, the arrival of Legacy Of Crassus this time will be a good opportunity for New World players to get some different legendary Roman-inspired gear.

Of course, if you want to get these eight exclusive New World Items faster, you can also get enough New World Coins on to speed up the acquisition.


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