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New World’s Legacy Of Crassus Officially Released On February 21, 2023

Posted: Feb 20, 2023

Posted: Feb 20, 2023

Source:  IGGM

New World will have a new event coming. Here I will tell you all the details about this matter. The thing we’re about to see is the called Legacy of Crassus.

Of course, these details are not necessarily completely accurate. The event looks like it will feature Cyclops Monstery, and Monsters here say they’re threatened by Rome’s forces.

In fact, Crassus’ forces invaded the southern lands long ago. And using the kindness of the people and Decimus summoned Cyclops Monstery, you will face these enemies in Brightwood Weaver and Eden Grove.

New World times

The information about the reward mechanism that will be discussed shortly now will be very accurate. Both of them look really cool, and I don’t think this will make it to PTR. It’s hard to tell because they haven’t actually released any information beyond what we’ve seen here.

However, the existing rewards are still very attractive. Since it’s actually a daily reward, you’ll be able to earn one of these rewards if you only kill them once a day. We should note that if you kill these Monsters eight times in eight days, you can actually get all the rewards.

Of course, if you want to get these eight rewards quickly, you can get enough New World Coins on to get the rewards quickly and increase your gaming experience.

Like, if you want fire staff, you’ll get it anyway after completing the mission on the eighth day. But your character will also get a Sword, an Eavy Chest Armor, some Heavy Gloves, a Ball, a Fire Staff, a Medium Boots and some Medium Helm.

You also get some Gypsum, some Umboshards and a Special Craft Mod that doesn’t actually tell you what it is. But he enhances the effects of items you need to craft.

New World Cyclops Monstery

But is this really going to be something beyond a perk? You can see that the server time it rewards resets is 5am, but it could be 5am local. Here’s a pic of Cyclops Monstery, they look pretty cool and I really like them.

Plus, you’ll get this reward besides the daily reward you get every time you kill it. So each victory will give you a random Weapon or Army shard with a chance of reaching Level 90, or you get a specially named item from Brimstone Sands or higher. These are basically all drop items.

This is an excellent thing. Chances are you won’t like Target getting anything here, but you’ll also get some consumables. But I mean, you know, we don’t really need those in our lives.

We know the Monster will reach Level 66, and we know you need to do at least thousand damage. And I don’t think it’s going to be too hard to do, so it should be relatively easy to get the tag as long as you get there in time.

A few things can happen here, and they will Spawn around the map. I wish they could make the icons bigger because they are hard to find. But making them absolutely huge. Obviously that’s not what we want right now.

Apparently, it still technically has a store. But I think with this, they’re actually going to drop the store entirely. The gear itself drops. I see nothing about mods or restores here.

New World event

Of course, I could also be wrong. Either it’s missed, or it’ll probably work as in the game. So it’s clearly not. I don’t think spring technically starts until March 20th.

Anyway, it’s not a big deal. I think it’s just a slight incident with Tie Dissolver, and it’s always fun to get a little involved in this sort of thing. I like they try to last at least 8 days, so it makes sense to keep killing them for at least 8 days.

Because you get those rewards, I like they try to make them last for a long time too, because you get random Armor and Gear and Stuff, which is probably the best in the Slot.

Obviously, we’ll see what it looks like. You can catch me on Twitch when I launch next week. You should have a great day.


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