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New World Update 1.8.1 Patch Notes

Posted: Jan 11, 2023

Posted: Jan 11, 2023

Source:  IGGM

The New World Update 1.8.1 downtime will begin at 11 PM PT (6:00AM UTC) on January 10. It also marks the end of the Winter Convergence Festival and includes various pictures, rewards, loot and more for the economy notable fixes.

New World Update 1.8.1

Fixes And Progression In Economy

*Fast Travel cost should now be correct when traveling to a settlement. For the gearing items, they fixed an issue that caused the Winter Convergence Life Staffs to have an incompatible perk Keenly Jagged. They have now updated this to Keenly Fortified.

*For expertise, they fixed an issue that caused the Mutated version of the Starstone Barrows Expedition to not drop Sapphire Gypsum upon completion for eligible players.

*For the rewards and loots, they fixed an issue that caused the sum of the named items not to drop in Mutated versions of Garden of Genesis and Dynasty Shipyard.

They fixed an issue where Shields would have five perks when rolling a 600 Gear Score.

And they fixed a missing icon in the Band of the Armed men. They re-enabled loot for several Brimstone Sands mobs that previously spawned too quickly.

Fixes In Combat

*For combat Sword and Shield, they fixed an issue that caused the Defensive Formation Fortify status effect to incorrectly be removed from a player, when two players were used near each other.

*For the other notable fixes, they fixed an issue that caused active but sheathed weapons passive abilities to activate under certain circumstances.

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Changes In UI/UX

  • For UI and UX changes for the in-game store, they fixed a visual issue with the Winter Wanderer's Flowing Cloak apparel.

  • They fixed an issue where dyes on Shields were being incorrectly applied to in-game store Shield skins. Players that had dyes applied to the Shields will have had the dye applied in the base item but not in the skin.

  • Other notable fixes is they fixed a crash that sometimes happened in Outpost Rush when interacting with turrets.

  • For social notable fixes, they fixed an issue that caused players daily War limits not to reset correctly and this made some players unable to participate in the intended two Wars, which is 1 attacking and 1 defending, per day per world.

Other Content You Can Follow

New World Frost Dragon Store Showcase

Now in terms of other news that has popped up in the world of New World, the Frost Dragon Store Showcase have been added an additional various different skins. My favorite part about these store updates as always and will always be the various different emotes.

  • War Horn

  • Slap Fight

  • Tip Toe

  • Pout

So, there's going to be four emotes that I'll be picking up pretty easily here.

When the day and when the patch goes live, they have a consumable dyes pack and they have the Winter Dragon Apparel Bundle that you can pick up all the things for 36,000 Marks of Fortune. Overall, Winter Dragon Weapon Bundle as well, which costs 25,000 Marks of Fortune.

Patch 1.8.1 is the first update for New World for 2023. If you want to make better game progress in this new patch, it is a good choice to prepare some New World Coins.


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