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New World Upcoming Changes In 2023

Posted: Jan 09, 2023

Posted: Jan 09, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Delacron is my new hero. Jokes aside, the lead producer of the Life Operations for New World has been a very communicative in the New World forms and has given us a few insights into what we can expect in the future.

One thing he posted a few days ago was that they will have some server merges and these merges are happening today. So, hopefully we can expect the other things that he talked about in the near future as well.

upcoming server merges in New World

What he said about the server merges is that they're going to be a tiny bit aggressive with the new arrangements to account for any continued attrition. So, they have the foresight to see that in the upcoming month, there's not going to be a massive players influx likely because there isn't that much big stuff going on.

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Merged Servers

A few old servers are being merged:

Central EU

  • Niflheim and Caer Sidi will be merging into Asgard.

  • Tir Na Nog and Dry Tree will be merging into Abaton.

  • Apophis will be merging into Artemis.

  • Galahad will be merging into Cleopatra.

  • Gawain and Jupiter will be merging into Kronos.

  • Fate and Morgaine will be merging into Crassus.

  • Gilgamesh and Imhotep will be merging into Nyx.


  • Heliopolis will be merging into Maramma.

  • Olympus will be merging into Castle of Steel.

  • Devourer will be merging into Amarah.

  • Minotaur will be merging into Seer.

  • Sentinel will be merging into Lilith.

South America

  • Atlantis will be merging into Devaloka.

  • Arjuna and Mayari will be merging into Artorius.

  • Nomad will be merging into Gaea.


  • Eridu will be merging into Delos.

  • Primodial will be merging into Sutekh.

Australia's Unique Merge Situation

The reason I can speak for a little bit more myself is Australia and here the mergers are particularly interesting. Eridu will finally be merged into Delos. And I hope that at this point no one is complaining about that anymore. First time this was supposed to happen. There were a lot of complaints about it from people on Eridu that wanted to have their small silver culture. But as it stands Eric was almost dead because of that, so let's just bring him into Delos.

A particularly aggressive merge is Primordial being merged into Sutekh because in combination this would actually mean that you could have small cues at peak times. I think this is a very smart move to do though because it's much better to have a small cue than a server that's slowly dwindling away where you constantly have to worry if it's going to survive or if you're going to find cues for anything.

The refresh that servers generally seem to be losing players at a little bit of a faster rate compared to the Legacy servers. And some people seem to be moving back towards the Legacy servers as well. So, I think this is the right move for long-term sustainability and also for competitiveness of this service because Primordial is basically owned by one company and all relevant territories on Sutekh are also owned by one company. So aggressive! But in my opinion, all merges are very good.

Now, they only need to walk back their word on never merging Fresh Start in Legacy servers because I'm pretty sure some regions may need that sooner or later.

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Other Upcoming Changes

But, Delakron has responded to more than just the server mergers he also responded to a request for changing the Color of Enemy Heal Circles or Sacred Grounds. He said this is something we are looking into. But I don't have a specific timeline to share, yet it is something we've been wanting internally for a long time, too but has previously been de-prioritized due to other features and bugfixes.

Now, some people responded with a bunch of random bugs that were fixed that were prioritized over Sacred that is obviously not how it works. You have specific people that are capable of doing these things in the first place and it's not the easiest thing to change. It's not as simple as just changing a color but that said I think it's weird that they did de-prioritize something that was highly requested. But especially the war community and the outpost brush coming energy since the very start of the game. I simply believe it should be much higher on their list of priorities.

Muskets Nerfed will be happen in latest PTR update in New World

In other posts somebody requested a Transmogs in the game. And the Delakron is confirmed that this is coming in summer as planned on the roadmap. However, after that he also said and it may be also a bunch of cool unannounced features and pieces of content between now and then. This is interesting. So, we'll see how many unannounced features we are actually getting.

There should be a new patch on PTR very soon and I'm curious how much spice we can expect another user in very friendly tone requested a Musket Nerf. Delacron said they've heard your feedback looked at the data and they should be sharing more information on coming balance changes very soon. So, this definitely sounds like they are not done with the Musket and that's every other statement they've made so far in that regard as well. It strongly indicates that they are seeing more drastic overhauls to the Musket down the line. I am curious to see what they come up with and I really hope that one of the results will be that we can use a more close range focused Trapper build. That would be incredibly fun.

Instead of waiting, it is better to prepare some New World Coins in advance. After the game is updated, you can more easily obtain equipment or substitute your strength.


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