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New World: The Best Weapon Combos

Posted: Sep 27, 2021

In New World, there are many custom weapons for you to choose from. There are 11 weapons in total, and there are more than 120 weapon combinations. In an ideal situation, you would want to have a weapon suitable for melee attacks and a weapon suitable for long-range attacks. In New World, while being able to cause damage everywhere on the battlefield, it is vital to move in and out of the thick of things. If you want to perform better in battle, New World Coins can give you a buff.

Most of the weapons in New World are prepared for DPS players. Tank characters need to use swords and shields, and healers should use Life Staff.

Because New World is about to be released, now IGGM has also found some useful tips, listing some of the best weapon combinations.

Rapier & Fire Staff

The combination of Rapier and the Fire Staff will create the strongest pure DPS loadouts, but you will be squishy in combat, especially in the case of solo situations. In the team scene, using this build can give you a powerful mixed melee range burst, long-range continuous damage, and high mobility.

With the build, you can try to hit the Fire Staff’s Singe and Rapier’s Tondo in combination with your damage-over-time abilities. This can play a major role in PvE combat.

Rapier & Bow

This is one of the most powerful DPS combinations in the New World. The combination of rapier and bow will allow you to maintain your damage amount through a mix of powerful attacks and damage-over-time abilities. With this equipment, you can slip between close combat and long-range combat. When you retreat and use a bow to cause damage, your target may have bleed effects. With this in mind, the skills you use in the melee range will still cause damage to your target while you sling arrows from behind.

War Hammer & Ice Gauntlet

This combo not only allows you to cause damage from a distance, but also slows down the enemies in melee combat. When you finish dealing damage and face to face with the target, they will get hurt. Skills like Ice Storm and Ultimate Chill will increase your utility and damage.

Life Staff & Hatchet

When your health pool drops, then the value of Hatchet will rise. However, once your main window deals with Hatchet's damage, you will restore yourself to full HP when your strongest ability recharge. During the lull in combat, the Life Staff can heal you.

Once New World is officially released, you can come to IGGM to buy New World Coins, and you can come to IGGM to buy them whenever you need them.


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