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New World: Some Combat Issues Will Get Improved

Posted: Nov 10, 2021

Part of the appeal of New World lies in its different weapons and the variety of gameplay it brings to the game. However, several issues currently plague the game, causing some annoyance for many players. After getting feedback from players, the developers began to take measures to focus on improving gameplay, such as combat responsiveness.

Recently, IGGM learned that the focus of the upcoming update is weapon swapping, dodge cancels, and attack input windows. The developers stated that they want weapon swapping to be a key part of player combat and make weapon swapping more consistent across all different types of attacks. Also, both the dodge cancel windows and attack input time will be improved due to some inconsistent reports. These issues cannot be avoided by canceling some recoveries or performing heavy attacks and some ability recoveries.

In addition, PvP, War, and Territory Control will be improved. In addition to the lagging issues of these modes, if you use the game mode in New World, the game experience will also be affected. Developer has made some changes, but it will take more time to release other key patches that require more testing. Developers said that these are expected to be released soon.

They also announced that they plan to balance some abilities and make some less popular abilities more viable. These changes will slowly unfold in the next few releases, and they also encourage fans to keep feedback to make the game more perfect.

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