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New World: How To Turn Your Faction Tokens Into Gold? - 6 Effective Methods

Posted: Feb 23, 2024

Most of our New World players complete the faction quest and receive all three rewards every day. When you use them regularly, you’ll collect tons of extra Faction Tokens at the beginning of your endgame journey.

This won’t be too much of a problem since you’ll be using them on your daily Gypsum, Azoth Inductor, Ultimate Trophy Skins, and Chromatic Seals. But eventually you’ll have everything you need, and Faction Tokens will stack up.

So, in this guide, I’m going to cover all the ways you can turn those extra Faction Tokens into gold, rather than letting them hit Faction Tokens limit and become pointless. Without further ado, let’s get started!

New World: How To Turn Your Faction Tokens Into Gold? - 6 Effective Methods

1. Masterwork Material Converter

For the first method, we are going to review the old classic method, which is also probably the most famous method of all, and that is Masterwork Material Converter method.

These items sell for 100 Faction Tokens each, so they can be a quick and easy way to earn extra New World Coins.

If you want to do it quickly, you can buy and sell them directly on a Trade Post without any extra work.

Currently, 100 converters sell for 80 gold coins on my server Maramma, which means you can easily get 80 gold coins for every 10,000 Faction Tokens.

Alternatively, you can use them to turn cheaper Reagents into more profitable Reagents, then sell them to make more gold. Because Reagents sell faster compared to me selling Converter at a Trade Post.

Now, to test the profits, I purchased 10,000 tokens worth of these converters. If I sell them immediately via a sell order, I will receive 100 gold coins, and after deducting the transaction fee per 10,000 tokens, I will be left with 78.51 gold.

If I were to convert Reagents, I could make more profit on it.

You need to find the cheapest Reagent available on your server. You should also have a bunch of these items in storage as you get them from your daily activities, but I’ll include the cost as if you were buying them directly from Trade Post to keep the numbers consistent when testing the numbers.

On my server, the cheapest Reagent is Wireweave and Obsidian Sandpaper, and the most expensive is Obsidian Flux. So my plan is to buy a low, convert it all into Flux, and then sell it for a profit.

Finally, by selling all Obsidian Flux on Trade Post, I would end up with 288.32 gold after deducting transaction fees. If you deduct Wireweave’s cost and crafting tax, this means this process will leave you with 193 gold for the 10,000 Faction Tokens you spent.

But maybe the prices are different in your server, so check which one is the most profitable for you.

Overall, if you do the math, it’s not hard to see that this is a profitable process. If you buy converters and sell them immediately, you will earn one gold for every 125 tokens spent. Alternatively, if you perform a few extra steps, you can earn 1 gold coin for every 52 tokens.

New World: Masterwork Material Converter

2. Sell Your Faction Vendor Items

Let’s look at another method, which is selling items you can get from Faction Vendor, including Gem Setting Pins, Banner Fragment and Shard of Pride. These items are not purchased via pickup and therefore can be sold on Trade Post.

Currently, the only profitable of these items is Gem Setting Pins. We buy them from the vendor for 100 gold coins and 300 Faction Tokens and then sell them on Trade Post for 290 gold coins each.

After deducting the fees on Trade Post, you will get a profit of 185.5 gold coins for every 300 Faction Tokens. This means that every 1.6 tokens spent is equivalent to 1 gold coin, which is great.

New World: Faction Vendor Items

3. Runes

We also have runes in Maramma currently, and almost every tier of runes has a glorious return on investment, so I calculated the return on all 5 tiers of runes.

  • Minor Rune of Holding: You will earn 68 gold coins in profit for every 1,000 tokens spent, which is a return of 1 gold coin for every 15 tokens spent.
  • Greater Rune of Holding: Every 5,000 tokens spent will net you 403 gold coins, which is a return of 1 gold coin for every 12.4 tokens.
  • Grand Rune of Holding: Don’t have enough resources to do an exact calculation, but the profits look similar to the first two.
  • Exquisite Rune of Holding: Earn 2352 gold coins for every 30,000 Faction Tokens, or 1 gold coin for every 12.7 Tokens.

Although there are various tiers and different costs, it’s safe to say that you can definitely make a decent profit by flipping the runes you hold. And expect to earn 1 gold coin for every 12 to 15 tokens spent this way, which is the high-end method of token flipping.

If you’re going to take this approach, your best option is probably to do a few of each tier, rather than lumping all tokens into a specific tier. This is just for variety and allows you to sell your items faster when the faction dies.

4. Flip Dye

Then you can also try buying and flipping Dye. It’s important to note that you can only purchase Dye for your faction from vendors. If you’re a Syndicate, you can get Burnished Lilac Dye. If you’re a Marauder, you might get Tarnished Jade Dye. If you are a Covenant, you can get Twine Dye.

Currently, on my server, they each cost 100 gold and 300 Faction Tokens. Among them, Twine Dye is sold for 65 gold coins each, and Burnished Lilac Dye is sold for 50 gold coins each. Therefore, none of these can be profited from. But there is no Tarnished Jade Dye on the market, so you may have a chance to make some profit.

But again, like every item, you need to check the server prices before trying this method. If they are selling for more than 100 gold, then you can make a profit from it.

5. Azoth Inductor

The vendor also offers some products that you can use indirectly to earn money from Azoth Inductor. If you are a high-end crafter, you can make a pretty decent profit every week with Azoth Inductor.

So if you are maxed out in many crafting professions and have all the trophies and gear and don’t need to get yourself craft BIS gear. You can use Azoth Inductor every week at the end of the cooldown to craft the best slot items and sell them for huge profits.

But doing this requires a significant initial investment, and there are Gypsum Orbs. You can get up to 5 of 7,000 tokens each day. But for many of us, we have enough Gypsum Orbs.

This way, every 93 tokens spent will only bring you 1 gold coin. If you got a few Gypsum Orbs otherwise, just buy a few from the vendor to make sure you have 20 by the end of the week, it really is worth it.

New World: Azoth Inductor Craft

6. Mastery Cache & Package of Materials

The last way to earn coins from Faction Tokens is through Mastery Cache and Package of Materials. This is a very hit-and-miss approach because of the fluctuating prices of crafting materials and the high price of some of these caches. But if you are a gambler, this might be an interesting approach for you.

Please note that I would advise you to stay away from special Packages of Materials immediately. Because nothing you get in these boxes will get you back your initial investment of 5,000 gold coins, plus 50,000 tokens is also very expensive.

But if you’re lucky, Mastery Cache can make you some money. These can be purchased once per day and provide you with items that increase your XP. Hover over the box and it will tell you where to use the item to convert it to XP. You can simply use them to upgrade skills you’re not interested in, or use them for skills you’ve already reached Mastery level.

Mastery level reward cache can be where you profit from this approach. The rewards you can get from these Aptitude Crates will be schematics for crafting your gear.

So if I wanted to make money from it, I would look up all the highest level crafting gear on my server and see which skill line would be the best fit. If I knew what mining was selling the most and was most popular in my server, I would focus on those caches and buy each tier of mining every day, then open them and convert everything to XP.

I wouldn’t say this method is 100% guaranteed to be profitable, but for gamblers, it could be a good way to make money with Faction Tokens.


Anyway, this covers all the current methods in New World for converting extra Faction Tokens into some spare gold. This is just a good guideline. You can find a method you like and stick to it. Alternatively, the best course of action may be to diversify so as not to over-saturate the market and speed up the time to sell. Good luck!


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