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New World: How To Farm Rawhide In Rise Of Angry Earth? - Best Locations & Tips

Posted: Oct 24, 2023

With Rise of Angry Earth expansion, a change of level bracket for Rawhide come in New World, so the farming locations for it have changed quite a bit. But I think there are still a lot of places that have a good potential in farming your preferred hides.

I will tell you some of the best Rawhide farming spots in this short guide. I will also share some general tips to make your run more successful. This way, you can collect more Rawhides and earn more New World Coins.

New World: How To Farm Rawhide In Rise Of Angry Earth? - Best Locations & Tips

Understanding Rawhide Farming

Different hides drop from a certain level of a beast, and now these brackets have changed.

Rawhide now drops from beasts from level one up to level 29. At level 30 and above, they will be able to be skinned from thick hide.

The base amount of hides on creature drops is based on two factors: 

The first factor is the size of the beast. Bison drop the most hide as they’re the biggest, and wolves do the least as they are small compared to them. 

The other factor is beast level. The higher the level within the bracket, the more height it drops. For example, a level 25 lynx would give you more Rawhide than a 15 lynx. This base number would reset at the next hide tier bracket.

The whole base amount of hides you get can then be multiplied by gathering yield. You can double it if you optimize correctly. 

Choosing The Right Zone

There are only three zones where you can farm Rawhide. And I would pick your zone depending on the faction ownership as you get 10% more yield if you are the same faction as the one who owns the zone. 

If none of them are your color, then don’t worry and pick any of them you like.

Everfall Rawhide Locations

Everfall is the first one that we will take a look at. This zone has plenty of good locations where you can farm Rawhide.  

New World Everfall Rawhide Locations

There is a good hilly area that is inhabited with a lot of pumas and deer. Both of them give you a lot of Rawhide.

Up North near the border with Weaver’s Fen, you have a green land with wolves wondering about. This one is a bit worse than the previous one with pumas and deer. An equally good area is the one around Starstone Barrows Expedition where, besides Ancient Guardians, you can find plenty of lynxes.

Up North is the worst spot of them all because wolves are very low level. But if you put your time in, you can get a decent amount of Rawhide. 

If I were you, I would try pumas and deer first. If taken, I would move North to wolves or west to lynxs.

Windsward Rawhide Hotspots

The next zone that has enemies low enough for you to be able to haunt animals is Windsward

New World Windsward Rawhide Hotspots

This one has one amazing spot that might be taken all the time. It is the bison spot that also has some deer on the western side, already in the area of Monarch’s Bluffs. This one also has a lot of Hemp. If you were lucky enough to find it, you can farm both at the same time.

Other options are low-level wolves and lynxs on the east of the settlement and wolves, deer, and pumas at the south of the zone’s main town.

By far the best option is where bison reside. However, it might always be taken. In that case, I would try my luck south of the settlement.

Monarch’s Bluffs Rawhide Farms

The last area that has enemies that are up to level 25 is Monarch’s Bluffs.

New World Monarch's Bluffs Rawhide Farms

This one has very few options on where to farm Rawhide. You have a large area filled with wolves and bears. You also have one inside a cave that is filled with lynxes. 

I have not included the bison and deer location as I have already mentioned it in the Windsward part.

If I had to pick where to farm Rawhide in this zone, I would pick the wolves and bear area down South as I believe it is much less populated with other hunters like you. 


With the change of level bracket, the farming locations for Rawhide have changed quite a bit. 

But I think there are still a lot of places that have a good potential in farming your preferred hides when you go on your run.

Do not forget to buff up with Music to get as much yield as possible.


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