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New World: How To Farm Spinfiber In Rise Of The Angry Earth? - Locations, Routes & Tips

Posted: Oct 20, 2023

With the New World’s expansion - Rise of the Angry Earth came, there are many new materials that could be gathered. You can earn tons of New World Coins by collecting these materials.

In this guide, I will focus on the best farming spots for Spinfiber. I will also give you tips and general requirements that you might need to pay attention to. 

New World: How To Farm Spinfiber In Rise Of The Angry Earth? - Locations, Routes & Tips

Requirements & Tips 

You can start gathering Spinfiber when you reach Harvesting skill 205. You can recognize it by its Blue Leaves

Spinfiber, like other new materials, is rare and is sparse around the Aeternum, so it will be very inefficient to focus on farming Spinfiber solely. That is why I recommend gathering other materials as well.

With this note, I have found a few routes that have a decent amount of other fibers included in the run.

Brimstone Sands Route

The first location is our lovely sandy land, Brimstone Sands.

New World Brimstone Sands Route

Brimstone Sands has quite a solid run around its rivers and oasis. You start your run at the settlement and head north.

While you are going along the river, you can collect everything from woods to fibers. After you reach the end of this river, you cross the desert and head to the oasis.

Grab the fibers and trees and continue your run South to the start of another river where you harvest all the fibers before you return back to town to finish your round.

If the run took you longer than about 15 minutes, most of the materials have already respawned, and you can start your run again.

Northern Mourningdale Adventure

The second location is the northern part of Mourningdale.

New World Northern Mourningdale Adventure

You start your run at the most top located Shrine and you go East to the first Wyrdwood Trees.

After that, close by are your Spinfibers. When you finish harvesting them, you continue the route Northeast to the next row of materials. Keep gathering them until you reach the start of the level 50 elite zone called Scorpius.

If you think this challenge is too hard, you can skip it. But if not, you can go and take out all the enemies there and gather all of the blue leafy rewards.

When that is done, you can finish your run at the Shrine south of the elite area.

Restless Shores Harvesting Run

The third location is Restless Shores.

New World Restless Shores Harvesting Run

To start this gathering route, you teleport to the Shrine near The Depths Expedition.

Then, you go past it in the Northwest direction until you reach a small lost pirate village where you can gather your Spinfibers.

After that, you go in the same direction to a place where there are a lot of rivers and grab them as well.

Next, you head up to the cliff. 

After that, you can go north in the direction of the Mourningdale settlement. You will be walking on one of the biggest hemp and Silkweed (silk fiber) routes in this game.

Let me show you how much hemp you can see. As you can see, it is a lot of them. This place has so much hemp you can fill your bags in no time. 

New World Distribution Of Hemp In Restless Shores

However, this route is very popular so you might have a hard time getting any fibers as you won’t be alone there. 


There are quite a few locations where you can farm Spinfiber. But if you want your farm run to be as efficient as you can, you will want to get as much gathering yield and luck as possible.


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