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New World: Advance Notice About Greatsword

Posted: Oct 14, 2022

Posted: Oct 14, 2022

Source:  IGGM

the Greatsword

Next week on October 18th, New World will welcome Brimstone Sands. Meanwhile, in a preview update, Amazon Game Studios revealed some new content about the game. One of them was the introduction of a new imposing weapon called the Greatsword. Secondly, through the exhibition trailer, some possible plots of the new desert content are revealed to players in advance.

Because the game allows for a wide variety of weapon types and fighting styles to be mastered, developers create new weapons with the goal of complementing features that were missing from previous weapons. The Greatsword not only meets the multi-functional needs of players for weapons, but also has a very large size and is a great sword.

The development team really went to great lengths to keep the Greatsword viable, functional, and unique. The team also detailed statistics on the Greatsword in the dev blog and compared it to previous weapons such as the War Hammer and Great Axe. These include the range of these weapons and a specific comparison of their strengths and weaknesses.

Another peculiarity of the Greatsword is that it relies on skills and instances. Therefore, players need to have certain skills in order to fully master this weapon. The core design of this blade lies in its attack performance. When using this weapon, players can not only actively defend, but also launch a fierce attack.

Notably, instances are themed, which are depending on your or opponent's offense and defense. Additional themes include: Angelic and Demonic, Fire and Water, Barbarian and Knight, Yin and Yang and Order and Chaos.

For a full preview of the latest news about New World, head over to IGGM now. Of course, you can buy New World Coins to get weapons and equipment here to make yourself stronger. Our products are genuine and our services are also thoughtful. Shopping here, you will definitely have a very satisfying experience!


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