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Major Changes About New World Coins Delivery - You Need To Know

Posted: Sep 23, 2022

Recently, New World official has imposed certain restrictions on the transaction method of in-game currency (Coin). IGGM has also made changes to the delivery method of New World Coins on the website in accordance with the changes in the official policy.

Now when you place an order to buy New World Coins (any servers), in the shopping cart interface, in the "DELIVERY INFORMATION" column you need to fill in, the original "Face To Face" has become the current "Auction House". You need to be aware of this change or we may not be able to successfully deliver your order.

Additional Notes:

1. Please List An Equipment (Such As Clothes, Shoes, Weapons)

2. We Do Not Cover The Listing Fee And Sales Fee

Screenshot of the existing delivery method:

New World Auction House Example Image


New World Auction House

We very much wish you a pleasant shopping experience at IGGM. If you wish to buy New World Coins now, just do it! Good luck with your life and your game.


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