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New Torchlight Infinite Class Is Scummy

Posted: Oct 25, 2022

Many players complain about Diablo Immortal because they find the game has a lot of pay-to-win features. So after the release of the action RPG Torchlight Infinite, many players ran off to play this new game.

In fact, with the introduction of the new Torchlight Infinite class called Thea, players realized that the two games are actually the same in nature.

The Oracle Thea is the newest Mage class in Torchlight Infinite. Thea looks like it could be a great addition to the game, if only from the looks of it. But the launch of Thea actually exposed Torchlight Infinite's pay-to-win features.


There are currently a total of six playable characters in Torchlight Infinite, and Thea is one of them. If you want access to characters other than Thea, you'll have to unlock a paid battle pass. If you only want access to Thea, you'll have to pay an extra £12.99 for that privilege.

However, judging by the reactions of some players, Thea is not that strong on the Torchlight Infinite tier list. This sets a worrying precedent for stronger characters in the future. In any case, the decision of whether to spend money to access Thea is up to you.

The above is the specific response of players to the launch of the new class called Thea. If you are very interested in this kind of news, you can click at our web, As long as there is news related to Torchlight Infinite, we will update it in time. Of course, you can also buy cheap Torchlight: Infinite Flame Elementium here. If you have such needs, you can also come to IGGM.


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