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Monster Hunter Rise: More Details About Pre-Order Bonuses And Special Editions

Posted: Mar 24, 2021

Capcom will create a new experience for users of Nintendo Switch - Monster Hunter Rise, which is a new entrance to Monster Hunter's long-running series of games, mixing familiar gameplay elements and more brand-new elements. You will play the role of a hunter, fighting huge monsters to complete quests, and using the resources obtained to continuously craft better gear.

Monster Hunter Rise is a world inspired by feudal Japan, which reintroduced the large seamless map feature started by MH World. In order to navigate in the open spaces, you will have new movement options, which did not appear in previous games. There is the Palamute mount, which can not only quickly cover the ground, but also climb the cliffs, which brings you more convenience. You can also use Wirebug to swing and grapple around the world, or use Clutch Claw in a battle to interact with various weapons.

With the release of MH Rise on March 26, Capcom has created a number of different versions to choose from. Here are the details about the pre-order bonuses and different versions of the game:

Pre-order bonuses

If you have already booked, you will get some digital items on the first day. The reward itself is centered on pets and helpers, giving them a new cosmetic look. Palamute gets the Retriever Costume layered armor, Palico gets the Forest Cat Costume layered armor.

In addition, you will get a novice Talisman, equipped with it can increase affinity by 5%, and when you are wall-running, it will reduce stamina depletion by 25%. The Talisman item is great, because it will be unlocked only when the game is further developed.

Monster Hunter Rise Editions

Capcom offers three different versions of MH Rise. In addition to the base version, there is also a deluxe version for users who want more features.

Monster Hunter Rise Standard Edition - $59.99

The base version can be a physical version or a digital version.

Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition - $69.99

It will provide a lot of extra content, there are also a variety of digital items, including layered armor, cosmetic items and other custom features, which will make you stand out.

Monster Hunter Rise Collector's Edition - $99.99

It features a mixture of digital and physical goods.

These are details about Monster Hunter Rise. Once the game is released, IGGM will also launch related Boosting services and sell Monster Hunter Rise Items. And we will also update the Monster Hunter Rise guides frequently so that you can complete the quests more smoothly in the game. 


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