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How to upgrade Fisher to 90 in Final Fantasy 14

Posted: Mar 05, 2022

Posted: Mar 05, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Some players said that fishing is now available in every role-playing game. Maybe they are right.But Final Fantasy 14 isn't just an RPG it's an MMO too. So, it's a double whammy. Forgive us for saying that, but they got us hooked on this, line and sinker. Thankfully, the FF14's fishing is well-received. Some players call it their personal favorite land disciple job - it's more dynamic than Botany and Mining, especially in recent updates. IGGM explores what it all means and how to get the most out of your fishing experience as we break down the best ways to start with land animals to the seasoned and seaworthy 90.

About the guide format

Before we get started in earnest, you may notice a fundamental difference in the structure of our Fisher course guides relative to some of our other guides. A botanical guide is a good example. In this guide, we break down the stages by level: initial join, up to 20, up to 40, up to 60, up to 80, and finally to 90.

While this section covers the first part, we're going in a separate direction, as ocean fishing is quickly becoming the most powerful way to polish it to the top. It's even technically available from the moment you unlock the Fisher class, though we recommend waiting until around 20-25 to try again. More on that later.

Become a fisherman

Your Ocean Blue journey begins with Limsa Lominsa. Here you'll find the Fishermen's Guild and its eclectic characters. To join a guild, you must have at least one war disciple or magic class of tenth level or higher. And that's it - despite the disclaimer, unless you've chosen Marauder, Rogue, or Arcanist, you'll also have to travel far enough in the main scene to actually get to Limsa Lominsa.

Final Fantasy 14 offers some sweet rewards for exploring every nook and cranny of Eorzea, but it's also rich in rewards for sticking to the straight. Whenever you reach the level required for a new Fisher quest, you should prioritize it. In addition, we will also provide you with FFXIV Gil in a more favorable way to help you play the game to help you better achieve your game goals.


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