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FFIXV - How to complete the Fractal Continuum Dungeon

Posted: Mar 01, 2022

Posted: Mar 01, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Fractal Continuum is a level 60 dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. This dungeon is one of two optional dungeons released with patch 3.0 that will take you to explore the ancient museum of Allago tech abomination. Your old friend Wedge wants to get Gilly, the guiding bot helping you at Azys Lla, back to work. However, the part you need is deep in the fractal continuum. Dare to explore the depths of this Aragonese museum and challenge the enemies found there. Let's take a look at each boss on the regular version of the fractal continuum, their attacks and mechanics, and how to defeat them. How to Unlock Fractal Continuum IGGM has summarized some methods for you to help you unlock through the following side quests in the normal version of Fractal Continuum.

1. Accept the quest "Do this for Gilly"

NPC Location: Notrelchamps - The Pillars (X:14.6, Y:12.2)

To accept this quest, you must first reach level 60 and complete the main story quest "Heaven".

2. Dungeon Walkthrough

The layout of this dungeon is very simple, but you and your party should keep an eye out for enemies who will join the fight throughout the dungeon. At various points in time, as you battle junk monsters and join the fight, more enemies are spawned, putting some extra stress on tanks and healers. Be sure to pick up these enemies as they appear.

Throughout the dungeon, you'll encounter Allago teleporters, which will take you further into the dungeon as you interact with them. If you seem to be at a dead-end, look for Allagan Teleporter to continue.

3. In the third part of Fractal Continuum

Before the final boss, you will enter a large room with three platforms surrounding the final boss's arena. Each platform has a group of enemies and a Crimson control unit. Defeat all nearby enemies and activate the control unit to unlock the jump pad, which will take you to two other sections where you'll repeat the process to unlock the path to the final boss.

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