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How To Unlock And Enter Into Brimstone Sands In New World

Posted: Nov 26, 2022

In the Brimstone Sands update released by New World not long ago, a new area with the same name as Brimstone Sands was added. It is currently the largest area in New World. The design of the area draws a lot of inspiration mainly from Egyptian and Roman architecture. If you don't already know how to unlock and access the Brimstone Sands area of New World, you've come to the right place. This guide will help you resolve such issues.

Before you officially enter the Brimstone Sands region in New World or experience the bulk of the Main Story of it, the first thing you need to do is find a fellow Soul Warden NPC and talk to it. Once the conversation is over, he'll personally take you to the Brimstone Sands region and unlock the quests to grant you access to the region.

However, since different players may belong to different factions, their specific locations and quests in the Brimstone Sands region will vary accordingly. There are three factions in total in the new world, namely Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate. You have to go to the location of your faction. There, your faction representative will tell you exactly where your faction is in the Brimstone Sands region and the main quests you need to complete in that area.

*If you are a Covenant follower, you need to go to the Great Cleave. There, you need to find Tomash Kovalenko and talk to him. His exact location is at the Cleave's Point Outpost.

*If you are a Marauders follower, you need to go to Ebonscale Reach. There, you need to talk to Tomash Kovalenko. He sits on the outer wall of the Ebonreach Settlement.

*If you are a Syndicate follower, you need to go to the Mountainhome in the Shattered Mountain region. There, you need to talk to Tomash Kovalenko. You can find him near the inns in the area.

Brimstone Sands

After you talk to the designated person as required, you only need to concentrate on one thing, which is to gather all the materials needed for a Desert Cerate. In total, you need 2 Fish Oil and 3 Frostcliff Berries. What you need to attention is the Frostcliff Berries. You can only obtained them after you venture to the cliffs in your area. Below are the locations of the cliffs in the regions where the different factions are located.

*If you're the Covenant, you'll need to head to the cliffs in your area called Sunder Fort and the Tempest Valley Fast Travel Shrine. There you can collect enough Frostcliff Berries.

*If you are the Marauders, you need to go to the cliff east of the Water Shrine in your area, which are in Ebonscale Reach, to collect the Frostcliff Berries.

*If you're the Syndicate, you'll need to head to the cliffs northeast of the Mountainhome Outpost in your area to collect the Frostcliff Berries.

Once you have all the Ingredients, you can choose to craft the Desert Cerate at a Campsite or an Arcane Repository crafting station. Once the Desert Cerate is crafted, you can use it from your inventory to advance quests.

Once you've used the Cerate, this is where the quests will fully converge. Next, head to Ebonscale Reach, then head north and you'll enter Brimstone Sands. After entering Brimstone Sands, continue northeast and find the Wikala al-Waha Outpost. It's here that you'll meet Soulwarden Buhawi, and from here you'll officially begin the Brimstone Sands Main Quest.

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