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What You Can Do In New World Brimstone Sands Region?

Posted: Nov 29, 2022

The Brimstone Sands region is a new region introduced in the Brimstone Sands update released by New World not long ago. If you don't know what to do in this brand new area, you're in the right place.

Since Brimstone Sands is a brand new area, there will be new creatures, enemies, hazards and resources here. Besides that, you can also discover 26 new Ancient Glyphs here. With them, you can easily traverse vast desert areas without using Azoth. What's more, the Brimstone Sands region actually brought the new Ennead Expedition as well.

Creatures and Enemies You Will Meet

In the Brimstone Sands region, the main enemies you face will basically release the Ancient and Angry Earth skills. This means that if you want to destroy these enemies, you will need to prepare items such as Ancient or Angry Earth Coating in advance. Although there are some POIs in the area that also have the Corrupted feature, most of the enemies in the area mainly release the two skills mentioned above.

In the area, you'll also see new wildlife such as Scorpions and Armadillos. Defeat them and they drop lots of new resources. Among them are some food items. These food items are actually Stat boosting foods and can be used to build new Tier 5 foods. Food items themselves have a duration of 60 minutes. If you add food items to Tier 5 foods, then the duration of T5 foods will be increased by 50%. This means that the duration of T5 foods will be much longer than 40 minutes.

Hazards and Resources Overview

There's also a new hazard you'll want to keep an eye out for as you explore the Brimstone Sands. That is Acid. As long as you are near the Acid Pool, you lose about 1% of your HP every second for two damage ticks. Your Acid Resistance will also slowly decline. If you stand directly in the Acid Pool, your HP will be reduced by about 6% every second for two damage ticks.

If you want to protect yourself from acid, then you'll want to use a new "gem" made from Scorpion Chitin or a new Tincture. You can also choose to use Incense. Since it's also an Affliction, it will help you mitigate HP drop problem.

You must always pay attention to your Acid Resistance. Once your Acid Resistance is depleted, you are Acid Burned for 60 seconds. This means that every time you take damage in the Acid Pool, your health will be reduced by about an additional 18%. In general, if you stay in the Acid Pool for too long, you will take more and faster acid damage.

In the Brimstone Sands region, you can also discover some new resources. Among them, Sandstone and Brimstone can be collected directly. Sandstone Chunks from the Sandstone can be crafted into Charged Sand. Sulfur Chunks can also be processed into Sulfur. The processed Charged Sand and Sulfur can also be used as reagents to make Runeglass Gems and Acid Tinctures. These are also newly added resources in Brimstone Sands.

New Ancient Glyphs

The Brimstone Sands region has also added 26 Ancient Glyphs. With them, you can travel across this vast desert with greater ease. With them, you can also jump between Bigger POIs without using Azoth.

Ancient Glyphs

Since there are many Elite Ancient Chests in the Brimstone Sands region that are locked by these glyphs. Only by finding the specific glyphs corresponding to the chests can they be opened. Therefore, as long as you learn the glyphs, you can use the travel system to easily open as many of the Elite Chests as you want.

The Ennead Expedition

The Brimstone Sands region also brings a new Expedition to players. The Ennead Expedition will mainly take you to explore the ancient pyramids. The site is primarily located in the heart of the Brimstone Sands region.

Much like the previous expeditions, this Expedition has traps and puzzles. It also has its own characteristics. That is you can find many Scorpion and Scarab enemies in this Expedition.

Through the above explanation, do you understand what you need to do in the Brimstone Sands region? If you already know the area very well, you might as well prepare some New World Coins before exploring the area. With them, you can level up, fight monsters, and buy equipment and weapons to improve yourself faster. Fortunately, we have New World Coins for sale right here. Cheap price and fast delivery can also be committed. Act now!


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