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POE 3.22: How To Be Rich At The Start Of Trial Of The Ancestors League?

Posted: Aug 16, 2023

If you look closely, this map device has got a lot of potential in POE 3.22. An excellent step here are the ones like Fortune Favorites The Brave because there’s a passive node which has a great synergy with this.

Essence is now just two Chaos Orbs, which makes it one of the easiest ways you can craft and make POE Currency from early on.

Domination is really a good one, too. If you are magic fighting for some Archnemesis monsters, region Harbingers are trash, in my opinion. Even if you are magic finding, you would rather go for the Domination or Legion mod, especially because Polished Legion Scarabs were pretty expensive during the Crucible League. I believe this option is exactly the same stuff as the Polished Scarabs. Watch out for some good Incubators early on, such as the six-link 1.

If you are chasing the Delirium, I find no reason to take the Unending Nightmare Keystone unless you like to do a casual map run. Anyway, if you’re gonna focus on Delirium, choose straight long maps, like Tropical Islands, Strand, and Promenade map. The Promenade map has a Patient Divination Card, which makes it one of my favorites. Watch out for some good rewards, such as Divination Cards, Scarabs, and Delirium Orbs.

How To Be Rich At The Start Of POE 3.22 Trial Of The Ancestors League?

Now, Ritual is a kind of tricky because most of the time the rewards are trash. But occasionally, you might be surprised to find something unusual. I got one of my Headhunters as one of the rewards in a Ritual window and it was a casual run. So, watch out for some crazy RNG there. You can also hit a Mirror of Kalandra or stack of Divine Orbs.

I made a ton of Mirror Shards last league in my first week of the league, so I chose my strategy based on the build I was playing, which was my own custom-made Fire Trap Elementalist. Everyone who tried out my strategy had a fun league with me because if you suck at the League start, then you are most likely to quit the league or go on a rant on Reddit.

You don’t need the most expensive build to complete the Atlas and unlock all the passive points. All you need is a solid single target skill and a decent clear speed. So, choose your league start build wisely. Do not start without a plan. Adopt your recommendation is that you grab all the map nodes first.

First priority is to unlock all the Atlas points once you complete more than half of the maps and you can start focusing on your currency farming strategy. My choice of early League mechanics are Essences Harvest, Expedition, and Jun Master Missions.

You can also choose INR if you are running a magic find build and farming the Imprint and Beast. Do not shy away from buying Sextants of your choice for this.

It is very easy to craft your gear with Essences. And even if you don’t need them, you can still sell them quickly. Harvest rerolls are very commonly used by the top players who are competing in the latter and by Solo Self-Found players. If you are doing the Harvest early on, try not to sell the Lifeforce as they go up in price significantly later in the league.

All vendors of the Expedition are extremely useful except for Gwennen. Make sure to craft POE Items, such as boots, gloves, and helmets with Rog. They sell very easily early in the league. Tujen is always the best bubble gun guy for small currency stuff.

I love Jun for several reasons, one of which is the Winged Scarabs, the second is the drops from Catarina, and the third is the random Unveils, and the fourth is the quality modifier from Hillock, and lastly is the Aisling Unveils.

I wish GGG would itemize the Mastermind’s Lair like how they did with the Alva Temples. Try to unlock all the keystones as early as possible so that you can farm T14 plus maps for Eldritch Altars and Maven’s Invitations. If you want to avoid all of this, you can still play the entire league inside the Delve or with the highest contracts, both of which are also good from day one of the league start.


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