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Path of Exile 3.21: A Complete Guide For Farming Crucible Currency

Posted: Apr 23, 2023

Posted: Apr 23, 2023

Source:  IGGM

To optimize harvest farming in Path of Exile 3.21, gather all Harvest nodes for additional benefits and increased T4 plant chance. Use the Top Hat to scale map modifiers and click shrines for increased quantity and pack size. Getting the Growing Horts Keystone will help maximize quantity and pack size based on scare used.

A strong character is needed to handle potential difficulty. Rare life force injections can provide 1000 life force.

To maximize life force in Path of Exile harvest farming, use the cheapest rusted scarab for 20 extra pack size, increasing the number of monsters that can spawn from Harvests. Click alters in maps for 3,000 to 6,000 life force per map on average.

Life force is valued at about one Divine for every 9,000 life force at current prices.

Use sextants to add monsters and juice to maps, making up for the maps not being six-mod. Look for "Harvest" with "contains at least one plant" and "uses remaining" with a quantity of four on trade to find sextants. Compare prices.

For chaos orbs, find them for sale around 45-50 chaos. Use the Sacred Grove to force harvests into maps.


In Path of Exile 3.21, select "Fortune Favors the Brave" paired with "Shaping the Valley" for an additional 10 pack size.

Choose Crimson Temple or Jungle Valley maps, which have no boss altars, to increase the chances of getting quantity altars. Remove 33% of altars for a higher chance of getting quantity altars. Properly roll maps to maximize quantity and pack size for maximum gains.

To scale the quantity of maps, you'll want to use Chisel, Alchemy, and Vaal orbs. Ensure that you're looking for modifiers that you can run before applying Vaal orbs. Failure to do so may result in an unusable map.

Once you've applied these steps, you can then sell your maps depending on their outcome, which can either be unidentified, in which case you'll have three options; you can either sell as unidentified, transmute and sell, or use an Orb of Scouring and start over.

To maximize gains from maps, it's important to go for high-quality maps with at least eight mods, and over 130% quantity, which have a high chance of yielding high returns. On the other hand, you can put aside maps with bad quantity that can be run later when you have more time.

Additionally, you can run unidentified maps with increased pack size, which will offset the loss from it being an 8-mod map. These high-quality maps are crucial for the strategy to work since they yield the most points.

The quantity on your maps is crucial for maximizing gains. The quantity from alters is added to the quantity on your maps, which is then scaled by the pack size multiplier. This leads to more monsters dropping more items and ultimately results in more life force per map.

Therefore, it's important to choose maps with over 200% quantity and high pack size to yield the most points. Crimson Temple and Jungle Valley are highly recommended for this strategy.

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If you're going for sacred grove and double life force, it's important to favorite all your maps to sustain them with a singular focus. Make sure to choose four of the cheapest scarabs to give you five pack size each, such as fortune favors the brave with blue influence.

This will scale your maps to have 190% quantity, providing you with a ton of quantity already. To run your maps, clear everything before going into them.

To maximize gains from Harvest, rush through and click on boxes, killing all the mobs to increase the chances of Alters spawning. The more Alters you get, the more quantity and juice you will receive from your Harvest.

If Alter luck isn't on your side, click on anything, as all results are fine. Aim to reach the boss as quickly as possible since killing the boss increases your chances of getting the desired results.

After killing the boss, there is a 33% increased chance of getting the Alters that provide quantity. Progress through the map until you reach the Harvest, making sure to keep an eye out for Divine Shrines, which have the potential to give you a ton of POE Currency.

If you're doing Alters, make sure to watch out for Divine Shrines as well. When you find the Harvest, click on the quantity Shrine, and if you get the average or better result, it's worth it.

If the light blue number is higher, always choose the plot with the higher number as it doubles the amount of light force. However, if the blue number is lower, but the price is cheaper, it may be worth choosing the blue plot over the other.

When comparing plots with equal one seed each, choose yellow, then blue, then purple. However, prices can fluctuate, so it ultimately depends on the situation.

When clearing through the plots, some may not drop anything until you get to the seeds that drop a ton of Life Force. Look for the blue seed, which indicates a higher chance of dropping a large amount of Life Force.

It's possible to suffer from bad luck and not get any blue seeds, which can be frustrating. Even with a tank build, the difficulty can be extremely rough with the top hat. A plot with three seeds is considered very valuable and can significantly increase the amount of Life Force obtained.

After clearing through the plot, we can obtain around 1,100 additional juice from a dying plot, bringing the total life force to approximately 2,200 to 2,400.

If the chance for an additional plot doesn't proc, following this strategy can still net you around 3,000 to 6,000 per map on average. If executed correctly, this can result in a ton of currency or at the very least a minimal amount of loss.

I enjoy investing time and effort in the Harvest farming strategy whenever I need to earn currency quickly for a new build or just want to fall back on it. It's a fast and easy way to earn currency, especially if done in Crimson Temple or similar locations. This strategy has the potential to yield extra gains.


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