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Genshin Impact: Players Spot Kaveh In Latest Video

Posted: Mar 10, 2023

Genshin Impact leaked information about Kaveh and Kaveh’s skills in Team Bloom in the latest video. The developer of Genshin Impact explained this, saying that Kaveh is a character that will appear in patch3.6, and they have not yet officially released it. 

They will officially release this patch around mid-April this year. Of course, Kaveh won’t be the only character released in the new patch. As a result, HoYoverse also announced that the long-awaited Dendro catalyst, Baizhu, will also be officially launched this time.

Kaveh is only a 4-star character, but Baizhu is indeed a rare 5-star character. This also convinced many players that HoYoverse is likely to release Kaveh and Baizhu in the same patch, so that players can get two Dendro characters more easily. 

Genshin Impact Kaveh Reveal

Kaveh first appeared in Sumeru Archon Quest on this Genshin Impact. During that mission, the player learns that Kaveh is a talented architect. Kaveh is an emotional character whose actions are always greatly influenced by his emotions. This is very different from his roommate Alhaitham, who is known for his rationality.

Players have learned that Kaveh is a character that could be adapted for Team Bloom via the latest information on Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit. 

This type of character will rely heavily on Bloom's elemental reactions in skills. Once Hydro and Dendro combine, it causes Dendro's core to drop to the ground, exploding instantly. I believe many players can see it from the recent Spiral Abyss usage report. 

Especially in a team, players are often required to use Hydro character Nilou to increase the overall damage and attack range of the team. At the same time, it can also greatly shorten the cooldown time of the character’s skills, helping the team to complete tasks quickly.

Another Hydro character is Kokomi. Her skills are relatively simple, mainly to increase the elemental damage of the team. 

Kaveh Skills Materials Talents

Many players have stated that Kaveh is a dominant character to use on the entire team because he can always use Dendro’s elemental skills. However, players need to be aware that the developer does not proclaim this information after all, and inaccuracies are inevitable.

Kaveh’s elemental skill is called Artistic Ingenuity. Kaveh can use some special device hidden in his suitcase, use Mehrak, and deal Dendro damage to all nearby enemies at the same time

Relatively speaking, the process of Kaveh’s elemental burst is a bit complicated, because he needs to deploy a device around him to benefit his elemental burst skill. Also, Sumeru Archon is a must on the team as she is the best Dendro support character in Genshin Impact.

Nahida’s advantage is the same as other Archons. She can quickly adapt to almost all teams in the game that can use Dendro elements. 

Players can also perceive from the recent video leaks that Nahida may appear in the next update patch of this Genshin Impact. This also means that players will have to master at least three different Dendro characters in Genshin Impact patch 3.6.

In short, if you also want to experience Kaveh, Nahida or other characters, you can get some suitable Genshin Impact Accounts in to experience, I hope you can have a good time.


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