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Genshin Impact 4.2: Details About Furina Buffs & Changes

Posted: Oct 10, 2023

Here, I am going to be talking about some pretty major buffs to Furina that makes her a lot better than before. 

As a disclaimer, please pull for who you want to at the end of the day, as the game should be for having fun, but I am looking at this from a purely analytical and logical perspective. 

Genshin Impact 4.2: Details About Furina Buffs & Changes

About Furina

So, Furina is the hydro archon and is a 5-star hydro sword who, at C0, is an off field DPS and support for the team. Since Furina is the latest hero launched in Genshin Impact 4.2, many players may not have this hero yet. You don’t have to worry about that either. Because you can easily experience her as long as you directly purchase Genshin Impact Accounts with Furina.

There were some issues with her previously, including energy requirements, application, and the almost ineffectiveness of her burst. 

Energy Requirements

Beginning with the energy issue, it is basically very hard for Furina to gain any particles, because deploying her elemental skill does not generate any initial particles

Since her skill is off field, meaning she will not be the on field character, particles will not funnel over to her unless you are constantly switching to her to gain particles, which is not really efficient. 

On top of that, her high burst cost means that it would be hard to constantly use it, which is why the energy was a pretty big problem. While most of these problems remain unchanged, her burst cost went from 70 energy to 60 energy, which can make rotations a lot easier and not require as much energy recharge from Furina. 


Now another issue with Furina was her application, because it is either somewhat mid in comparison to other hydro characters or just non-existent at all. 

In her animal state, she will obviously get the off field hydro application and damage from them. But in her heal state, there is no hydro application given and only healing

There was also an issue with her skill being snapshot, which means that the skill won’t continuously get buffed as Furina gains more stacks through her burst buffs. While this is not fixed or changed in any way, there was a different change to the skill that fixed another pretty big problem, which is the HP drain mechanic. 

So, with the HP drain mechanic, with every percentage of HP lost or gained, she will gain a fanfare stack, and she will provide both a damage and healing bonus buff based on how many fanfare stacks she has during the burst. 

The only way to drain HP with Furina is through her skill, which only drained HP at an average of 1.9% per second for each member in the party. What this means is that on average, Furinas burst won’t be able to provide the maximum buff possible most of the time as not enough HP is drained. 

Genshin Impact 4.2 Furina

Ineffectiveness Burst

However, this was changed as the animals now take significantly more HP from party members, while her burst also increased the buff each fanfare stack brings. 

So before, there was a max of 450 fanfare stacks with a 0.22% damage bonus for each stack. But now, there are 300 fanfare stacks with a 0.25% damage bonus for each stack with more HP draining

While this means the maximum damage buff potential is slightly lower, your average buff when using the burst will increase significantly. This was a major issue for Furina, so I am glad it did get fixed, and I am glad she has been receiving buffs overall in this update. 


There still are some issues, such as the skill snapshotting, meaning that you should probably deploy it after using your burst to get the buffs. But then, that means you would need something else to drain HP, as her skill is the key factor in draining HP. 

While she is not perfect right now, she seems to be moving in the right direction and could hopefully become a great unit as a result.


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