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Genshin Impact: Huge Updates To Upcoming Version 4.4 To 4.8 Banners

Posted: Nov 02, 2023

Here, I am going to be talking about some huge updates to upcoming Genshin Impact 4.4 to 4.8 banners

Obviously, considering we are at 4.1 right now, all of this information should be classified as largely speculative even though they come from some known sources, so do with that what you will. 

Genshin Impact: Huge Updates To Upcoming Version 4.4 To 4.8 Banners

Version 4.4

Beginning with 4.4, it is said that this will be the start of triple banners. The way it would work is that we would get 3 phases with two characters in each phase, and each phase would span around 2 weeks to make 6 weeks or 42 days total. 

But what is certain is that no matter who the characters are eventually launched, you can experience these new characters by purchasing Genshin Impact Accounts directly.

As per version 4.4, it is said we are getting the new cloud retainer in this patch, which makes sense since she is from Liyue and it is Lantern Rite season and we also got a new character in 3.4. She is said to rerun with Xiao in the first phase, who is also an Anemo Liyue character, so that will be pretty interesting to see how the sales turn out if true. 

As per the second phase, it is said we are getting two Cryo Liyue characters actually, which are Ganyu and Shenhe

And then lastly by the third phase, I am assuming Lantern Rite would be over by this time, which is why it is speculated that we are getting Nahida as the Archon to rerun along with Nilou

Version 4.5

But now moving on to version 4.5, it is said we are getting a new 5 star geo character called Chiori in here, and she was mentioned in the game a few times, actually. Now, we do know that ‘x.5’ versions are the beginning of region character reruns, so I am assuming 3.5 will include the rerun of Lyney

As per the other characters, it is hard to say but I assume that Inazuma-related characters will rerun considering Chiori is from Inazuma. So, I can imagine people like Yae Miko will rerun, along with someone like Ayaka, as they would not have rerun by a while at the point of this patch. 

It is also as an honorable mention that Yoimiya would rerun here and would not be surprising considering how frequent she reruns. 

As per the 6th character, this can maybe be Kokomi as she would be the only Inazuma character I can think of that would not have rerun in a considerable amount of time by this point. 

Version 4.6

Now, moving on to Genshin Imapct 4.6, it is said Arlecchino will get her debut run here, which is actually pretty sad because I am pretty sure this is when Furina will rerun as well as Archons always rerun 4 patches later. 

This will make it tough to decide who to pull for. But as per the other characters on this banner, I am assuming either Neuvilette or Wriothesley will rerun here, or maybe even both of them, considering this is a triple banner after all. 

Other potential candidates could also be Wanderer and Yelan since it would be around 6 patches of a gap from their last rerun banners. 

Version 4.7

Moving on to version 4.7, it is said that Clorinde will get her run here, so basically what I am implying is that you skip every banner until 4.7 and just pull then. 

It is way too far in the banners to speculate who will rerun, and I will make those predictions once we know 100% the banners 4.3 and 4.4 to get a feel of who can rerun in the future. 


  • 4.4: Cloud Retainer, Xiao, Shenhe, Ganyu, Nahida, Nilou
  • 4.5: Chiori, Lyney, Yae Miko, Yoimiya, Ayaka, Kokomi
  • 4.6: Arlecchino, Furina, Wriothesley, Neuvilette, Wanderer, Yelan
  • 4.7: Clorinde
  • 4.8: Emilie

Version 4.8

The same applies for 4.8, but a new character who is said to debut her is Emilie, and I have no clue who that is to keep it a buck, but for those who know there is that information. 

So these are all the updates to the upcoming banners. Keep in mind, considering how far these banners are, this should be taken as speculation once again.


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