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Genshin Impact: New Issues With Dehya Elemental Burst

Posted: Mar 08, 2023

Dehya, as a new Pyro character launched in Genshin Impact just a few days ago, has been complained by many players because of frequent problems.

After Genshin Impact released the new character Dehya, many players felt that it was difficult to learn and its skills were not so good compared to other characters. Some players started trying out some new characters and found another problem with Dehya using her Elemental Burst ability

Among them, there is a Reddit user, LeKebabGeek, who posted in the community the process he encountered in using Dehya. The main reason is that the player cannot normally issue Dehya's Elemental Burst skill during the battle, and there is no way to easily cancel it after use. These problems make many players feel very troubled. 

Dehya has been criticized by players in Genshin Impact community. Because Dehya's damage output and Elemental Burst ability are nothing compared to most other characters. More importantly, problems often occur during use. 

However, one more player recently discovered an interesting use for Dehya's passive, which will lead some players to actively join their team's rotation, even if it has drawbacks. In this regard, LeKebabGeek said that he still has reasons against Pyro characters like Dehya.

Reddit user LeKebabGeek uploaded a video of his Dehya character’s Elemental Burst ability not working properly in this Genshin Impact game to the community, which received nearly 9,200 likes from players. 

Dehya Elemental Burst Freeze Animation

The video is short, and the major incident begins with LeKebabGeek releasing Dehya’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact. After the player fails to attack, all enemies assailed him. 

At the same time, the player can also see from the video that crates and barrels block Dehya on both sides of it, which may be one of reasons Dehya did not issue skills. Also, if Dehya can avoid enemy attacks there, it will be immune to damage.

Although in LeKebabGeek’s video, Dehya’s Elemental Burst ability is blocked and can’t be used normally, there are obstacles on the sides to block it without taking too much damage. Then, for some other players who encounter this situation and there are enemies on both sides, they may not be so lucky. 

There are many places in Genshin Impact’s Teyvat world with obstacles like the crates and barrels in this LeKebabGeek video. Players will also have to figure out how to avoid these items when using Dehya’s Elemental Burst ability. This is another big problem for a Pyro character. So far at least, it’s unclear how Dehya will have a clear role in the team.

Because a lot of players didn’t like Dehya when Genshin Impact just released it. Therefore, Hoyoverse is likely to listen to players’ feedback in subsequent updates, and focus on rectifying some of Dehya’s problems. 

Even though some players try not to use Dehya as much as possible because of these complaints, there are also many players in Genshin Impact who accept some of Dehya’s disadvantages and try to explore new ways of playing with Pyro characters like Dehya.

If you want to try Dehya or other characters, you can also get different Genshin Impact Accounts according to your needs to experience it. Hope you have a pleasant gaming experience.


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