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Genshin Impact: How To Easily Defeat The Deer Boss Solitary Suanni? - Location & Boss Fight

Posted: Feb 06, 2024

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of all the attacks executed by the Solitary Suanni deer boss, along with a demonstration of how to earn the associated achievement in Genshin Impact. Apart from these, don't forget to farm Cloudseam Scales while you're in the boss fight.

Genshin Impact: How To Easily Defeat The Deer Boss Solitary Suanni? - Location & Boss Fight

Where To Find?

The new deer boss appears is in Northern Leeway, a new area in Genshin Impact. Just take the teleporter to the south of the boss, and you don’t need to do any quest or story to unlock it. You can just run there and take these little flying things to reach the boss.

How To Defeat?


This boss can be made super easy by having a Cryo unit on the team. I will take this phase with Level 1 Charlotte as a example. You can use a Genshin Impact Account with other characters, I believe the boss fight will be more exciting. That doesn’t have any gear just to show that any Cryo will do.

After a little, the boss will enter a Hydro phase. Hit it with Cryo to freeze it. After freezing it, hit it with something that reacts with a frozen unit like Pyro or Electro, or even Claymore or Geo. This will stun the boss for a long time and make it take more damage. Hitting it with Geo or Claymore while it’s frozen is also how you get the achievement.


The second unique attack is an Anemo phase where it summons 3 Anemo orbs, and you need to hit those with one of the 4 key Elements to react to it and make them blow up. Having a catalyst user is the fastest way, but you can also use Elemental skills or charge shots from your archers.

Here’s what happens when you don’t have a Cryo unit: the boss will not get interrupted during the eruptions, and it’s very hard to dodge all the attacks. The last slam does a lot of damage too. To properly avoid the last slam, use your burst at the right time or iFrame dash properly, but the timing can be pretty tight.

The Anemo is similar, where there’s a slam at the end, and for me, the Anemo version is harder to dodge. The Anemo version also creates tornadoes that slow you down and damage you if you’re near it.

Genshin Impact Solitary Suanni

Wind Water Combo

Outside of those 2 unique transitions, the boss has very few attacks. There’s the wind-water combo where it does an AOE Anemo followed by a Hydrocodone attack. The Anemo part is simply to dodge and has a very long startup. It’s hard to iFrame through the cone, so I found it easier to dash to the side or diagonal towards the boss so you can get through the cone.

Hydro Tail

Next attack is 2 tail slashes. They are very easy to dodge. You might actually dodge too early and get hit by the second slash. Another tail slash is the Anemo version where it shoots homing missiles. It only does this when you’re far away, and the best approach is to iFrame towards the boss. You can also dash to the side, but I prefer going towards.

Wind Water Slam

The last 2 attacks are an Anemo and Hydro slam. There are 2 versions: the Anemo is very fast, and the Hydro is very slow. The Anemo can be hard to dodge since it’s pretty quick, but it doesn’t do much damage, while the Hydro has a pretty long tail, and it gives you a lot of time to avoid that blue circle on the ground. And that’s all the attacks.

This boss is very easy if you bring a Cryo unit to avoid the water phase, and with a strong team, you can just ignore the Cryo and skip all the mechanics since you’ll kill the boss before it even gets to the water phase. But later on in the spiral, when this eventually gets there, you’re going to need to bring a Cryo in order to stop it from doing all that damage.


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