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Genshin Impact 4.4: Everything We Know About The New Character Chiori Kit Post Update

Posted: Jan 30, 2024

Hello, gamers! The complete details of Chiori Kit have been unveiled nowadays in Genshin Impact. It has been confirmed that Chiori possesses a Geo Vision. Chiori’s Geo Vision was obtained in Inazuma, so it does not have Fontaine’s casing. As such, it is unlikely that Chiori will have an Ary system alignment.

If you find interest in Chiori, you have the option to purchase a Genshin Impact Accounts with this character upon her release.

Genshin Impact 4.4: Everything We Know About The New Character Chiori Kit Post Update


Chiori has been leaked to be a sword user. Uncle PPs leak also details Chiori’s alleged Elemental Burst. According to them, Chiori has a short animation in which she wields a scissor. After that, 3 scissors spawn around her, rotating around her before opening. The nearby enemies will then explode. After this, 3 scissor symbols appear behind the character. White’s leak mentions that Chiori’s burst deals damage to nearby enemies, thus sustaining the previous leak, while also mentioning that it provides a buff to the active character on field. According to the leaker in a Reddit post, the scissor symbols created behind the active character will support normal attacks. This buff may be what her burst provides.

One of Chiori’s alleged passive talents will boost the entire team’s Geo DMGs. Whenever the scissor is active, another leaked passive talent highlights a coordinated attack in Genshin Impact. When there is one active scissor, it will open, and when there are 2 or 3 active scissors, the coordination attack will see the scissor close.This coordination attack scissors are said to last 6 seconds, up to 3.


Analyzing Chiori’s alleged gameplay kit leaks, it does seem like version 4.5 leaks about her being a support and sub-DPS unit seem accurate, with her Elemental skills’ ability to gather opponents and deal damage, probably Geo DMG. This could be a way of gathering opponents together in a similar way that Kazuha regularly does it.

It does, however, seem like Chiori’s Elemental burst is the star of her kit. The leaks imply that Chiori will start dealing damage but then activate a series of effects that can be beneficial to the team comp in Genshin Impact. The reported Elemental Burst generates petite scissor symbols, offering a buff to the current character's normal attacks. This is envisioned as a means to bolster the main DPS character within the party. In addition to that, Chiori’s leaked passive talent further indicates her role as a support, as having the scissor symbols active can grant the team a Geo DMG buff.

Final Thought

With these 2 pieces of information, it can be interpreted that Chiori will be a Geo support unit, empowering Geo DPS heroes that rely on normal attacks for damage output, such as Arataki Ito or Ningguang. In Genshin Impact, what may indicate that Chiori can also operate as a sub-DPS is the fact that the leaks mention coordinated attacks.

According to Uncle PP, Chiori's scissor symbols generated by her Elemental Burst can initiate coordinated attacks resembling scissors. Typically, these coordinated attacks take place even when the triggering character is not on the field, making them particularly suitable for support and sub-DPS roles. Raiden Shogun, Xingqiu, and Yanfei are some of the characters that provide the best and most consistent coordinated attacks in Genshin Impact, dealing damage and spreading their elements while off-field.


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