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Genshin Impact 4.3: Everything You Should Know About The Phase 2 Character Banner

Posted: Jan 19, 2024

The second phase character banner for 4.3 patch has been released. However, is this banner really worth the pull? Without wasting time, let’s discuss it together. If you are interested in these characters, purchase a Genshin Impact Accounts is absolutely a good idea.

5-Star Characters

It's good to see that we have Raiden Shotgun and Yoimiya rerun!

Genshin Impact 4.3: Everything You Should Know About This Character Banner In Phase 2


First, we discuss Yoimiya. She’s a Pyro main DPS that focuses on single-target enemies, famous for her hyper carry and overload teams. Yoimiya is also very suitable for fighting enemies that don’t want to stand still, for example, like the Thunder Manifestation in the Spira Bas. Plus, her normal attack range is far, and she has a really fun play style. Yoimiya is also a character with a simple play style that is very newbie-friendly, suitable for casual players too.

Raiden Shotgun

Next is the 5-star character, the one who receives the spotlight in the second phase Banner – it’s the Raiden Shotgun or known as the Electro Archon. She has a role as a battery sub DPS and can even be a main DPS, especially since the release of Dandro. Raiden Shotgun’s value has increased even more and has become one of the best choices as an Electro applier and battery in several team comps. Electro battery sub DPS makes her very flexible in a lot of team comps.

4-Star Characters

So far, the 2 5-star characters look tempting, but what about these 4 stars?

Kujou Sara

The first 4-star is Kujou Sara, one of the 4-star support characters that is very good, especially for your Electro DPS. Kujou Sara can give additional Electro crate damage and a high attack buff, perfectly fitting with the 5-star that is currently on the rate up – the Raiden Shotgun. If you already have Sara, I recommend C6 for her for even more Electro damage.


The second 4-star is Bennett. There is no doubt about this 4-star – Bennett is one of the best supports in Genshin Impact. Bennett’s ultimate can provide massive heal and attack buffs, making him a very flexible support for many DPS. If you have Bennett, I recommend C1 for the maximum attack buffs. C2 is also good for increasing energy recharge, and if you want to go all in, I recommend pulling his C5 for additional ultimate talent level, which means more buffs and heals.

Genshin Impact 4.3 Bennett


The last 4-star is Chevreuse, the new 4-star character in this patch. Chevreuse is a special support character for Overload Reactions. This might be the time for you to use an overload teamcomp, because this elemental reaction is rarely used by Genshin Impact players. But the arrival of Chevreuse will change that because she will make overload meta.

Additionally, Chevreuse can provide a little heal from her skill. If you want to get her constellation, I recommend at least taking her C1 because it can give more energy regeneration to the team. If you want to go all in for her, take her C6, which is also very good for adding heal and buffs from Chevreuse!

Final Thought

That’s the discussion for banner characters in the second phase of 4.3 Genshin Impact. It can be concluded that this second patch banner is very worth the pull. They got a great single-target DPS and the most flexible Electro characters as the 5-star. We also have 3 4-star characters who have a support role and are perfect for complementing your party. If you combine all of them, then you got yourself a full Cyber team.


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