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Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get Silk Flowers?

Posted: Mar 08, 2021

Genshin Impact is full of different collectible items, they have different rarities, values, and uses, Silk Flower is one of them. It is an item used for ascending. Ascending is necessary for you to continue to upgrade your character. It usually requires you to collect some items every 10 levels.

Currently, Silk Flower is an ascending material and only applies to one character - Xingqiu. Despite this, there are still only 14 silk flower bushes in the game, and you may need to find these bushes. Since there are only 14 bushes in existence, they are scattered in three different areas.

They are Wangshu Inn, Dihua Marsh, and Liyue. They are marked with these small white petal icons on the map. There are seven clusters of these silk flowers distributed in each area, respectively in Wangshu and Dihua. There are two silk flowers in each bush. When you are within a certain distance, each flower will sparkle.

Wangshu Inn

* By the Bridge: Go north and walk towards Wangshu Inn. After crossing the bridge, there is a bush on the right, which is very close to the bridge lantern.

* Between the Lanterns: Continue to the Inn, look from the left side of the path, there will be silk flower bushes and lanterns in the area.

* Across the Path: When you arrive at Wangshu Inn, you can see silk flower bushes directly from the entrance.

* Beneath the Umbrellas: Turn left from the last bush and walk to the northern bridge. When you see the right side of the path, you will see a bunch of umbrellas. In the middle of these umbrellas, there is a silk flower bush.

* On the Green: Look directly across the path, you will see the silk flower bush in the green patch.

Dihua Marsh

* Over the Bridge: Cross the northern bridge, walk along the road, pay attention to the right, there will be a silk flower in another pile of umbrellas behind the pillar.

* Near the Lamp Posts: Go north along the road, you will see a group of tall lamp posts, the bush will be in front of the left one.

Liyue City

* Behind the Rock: After reaching the Sea of Clouds, jump into the largest pond near the city. On the side closest to the mountain, behind a tall rock is a silk flower bush.

* Under Right Maple: Go to the wall that separates the city, there will be a silk flower bush under the red maple tree on the right side of the circular door.

* Under Left Maple: There are three silk flower bushes on the opposite side of the circular door.

* Under Curving Tree: Go to the back of the house, to the left of the last two bushes. Wrap around the back until you see another patch of green, this bush is right next to a tall tree with a curved trunk.

* Between a Rock and a Tree: There is a silk flower bush between the previous tall rock and a lower branch.

* By the Waterfall: Walk towards the waterfall and cross the thin bridge across the main pond. This last bush will be located near some bamboo at the other end of the bridge.

These are some of the locations of Silk Flower. If you are in need of relevant guides, then IGGM will be a great website for you.

And in addition to some free game guides, you can also buy Genshin Impact Accounts on IGGM.

No matter what hero or other five-star weapons you need, you can buy the items you like on IGGM.


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