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Genshin Impact Guide: How Do You Solve Dunyu Ruins Puzzle?

Posted: Apr 09, 2021

In Genshin Impact, you will find that you are exploring and solving puzzles most of the time. Although some of the matrices are relatively simple element-based puzzles, some puzzles involve multiple steps and are challenging. Dunyu Ruins is one of them.

When you reach Dunyu Ruins, you will find that most of the area is inaccessible because it is submerged by water. However, if you are keen enough, you will notice a glowing circular structure under the water surface, which you can enter by solving puzzles in the ruins.

To begin the puzzle

You need to go to the ruins north of the body of water and find the geo totem on the second floor of the structure. After arriving there, you will find that it is unable to interact.

To unlock geo totem

To unlock the totem, you need to light four torches with any Pyro character nearby:

* The first torch: besides the totem.

* The second torch: Just below the totem, climb up a staircase and go through a door.

* The third torch: on a pillar above the geo totem facing to the west.

* The fourth torch: on a piece of rubble almost submerged in the water to the west.

When all the torches are lit, you can go back to the geo totem and use the skills or elemental burst of the geo character to activate it. Once activated, the water in this area will be drained.

To find three Seelies

There is a luxurious chest at the bottom of the ruins, however, you cannot access it because the Anemo barrier blocks the platform. To remove the barrier, you need to find three Seelies and return them to that location.

* The first Seelie: at the west of the ruins across the lake on the map. Here, you need to interact with a red challenge pillar, which will generate hydro slimes, and you need to defeat them within 60 seconds. Once they are defeated, the gate next to the challenge pillar will be lowered, leaking a Seelie inside, and you can climb in through the second-floor window.

* The second Seelie: located up the steps directly east of the Anemo barrier. There, you will need to find a ruin guard and defeat him before you can access Seelie.

* The third Seelie: next to the geo totems location.

Once you put all three Seelies back in the center, the barrier will be invalidated and you will be able to access the luxury chest.

These are the details about Dunyu Ruins Puzzle. If you are troubled by this, then this article will help you. IGGM will also continue to provide free Genshin Impact-related guides.

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