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Genshin Impact: A Complete Guide On Skipping The Chasm - The Chasm Delvers Quest

Posted: Jan 06, 2024

We’re talking about a very special system optimization released with the last update in Genshin Impact. Previously, progression of the main story, Archon Quest 'Requiem of the Echoing Depths', was locked behind a series of world Quests called the Chasm Delvers—a series taking place in the chasm.

Since this is a pain point for many players, I’m going to guide you on the steps required and guide you through this process in case you are one of those players. Be sure that your Genshin Impact Accounts are available.

Genshin Impact: A Complete Guide On Skipping The Chasm - The Chasm Delvers Quest

Get Into The Chasm

First of all, let’s start 'Requiem of the Echoing Depths' by talking to Katheryne. After talking to Katheryne, we have the quest to look for the miner who posted the commission at the chasm. This is quite near the chasm, and we’re just going to use this teleport Waypoint to go there. After talking to him, the next quest is to enter the chasm underground mines.

Now, if you open your map, then go to the chasm, they’ve added a very convenient Waypoint that skips these World Quests. But for players that just want to focus on the Archon story, the main story without having these other Quests get in the way, this is very nice. So, we’re going to teleport there, and we automatically enter a scene.

Skip The Chasm

Navigating The (Archon Quest) Chasm Section, a few things to keep in mind when doing it like this. First, the map and the mini-map over there will be covered in fog, and you can’t really see exactly where you’re going. The Chasm Delver World Quests have you get the Lumin Stone and light up all these areas so it’s not covered in black fog. However, it’s not really necessary to know where you’re going because you always have these neat little Quest markers. You can mitigate this somewhat by going into settings and graphics and turning the brightness a bit up, at least until you’re out of the chasm.

Once you get to the next Quest marker, there’s another scene. After the scene, there will be a minor battle. Then we will into another scene, and we’re just going to continue on to the next marker. After the next scene, we’re just going to traverse over some broken platforms, and we have another battle to do.

After the battle, there is an opening in the ceiling, along with some vines on the wall. We’re going to go there to continue the story. There is another minor battle here. From there, just a bit forward, is our next Quest point. We’re just going to hop over these broken platforms, follow this Ciel while we’re here, we can activate the upside-down teleport Waypoint as well and continue on through this massive hole in the wall, making our way to the next objective which just requires a little bit of jumping and flying.

Genshin Impact The Chasm

From here, we’re just going to take a right, jumping over some broken platforms until we get to the next Waypoint. And from here, we’re actually not going to go through the hole in the wall. We’re actually going to climb up this wall and go through this hole in the wall and follow this Vine all the way to the next Quest Point. There’s another opening on the left. we’re just going to glide over there, hop up, and here’s our next Quest point. After the scene, we’re just going to continue on, following the quest marker.

We do have to investigate some things here, just looking around this hill of Trail Camp. After the next scene, we’re just going to leave. We then have a bit of a tougher fight versus an Abyss Herald. Preferably, while entering this area, you would have some cryo or dendro to help get rid of its Shield a little faster, but we’re just going to persevere, and it’ll take a little longer.

Once the battle in the story is over, we have to make our way back to the top here. I found it easiest just to teleport back to this Waypoint we unlocked a little earlier. And directly in front of us is this Void I’m going to touch, which will teleport us back to the center.

Now we have to destroy all these charging devices. We’re going to touch it, and we’ll have some more battles to do. In this first room, we got some Abyss Mages, and once they’re defeated, we’re just going to destroy this device, and then we can go back in the portal and do the other 3. The last one we completed was next to this upside-down teleport Waypoint.

Chapter 3 Starts

That actually marks the end of the quest. Going into our Quest log, we can now do in Chapter 3, Act one, which of course takes place in Sumeru. So, for those that don’t necessarily want to explore the chasm immediately and just want to focus on the Archon Quests, this change helps with that immensely. And of course, actually getting to Sumeru and the next Archon Quest isn’t hindered either. You can just walk there from the above-ground chasm area, and right over there is where act 3 would start.


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