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Genshin Impact 3.0: the Real Electro Queen Keqing is Back!

Posted: Aug 31, 2022

Finally! After almost 2 years of waiting since the game's launch, the time has finally come for Keqing to show off her insane damage! So what happened? In Genshin Imapct 3.0 the new Dendro element reaction Quicken basically will amplify either Electro or Dendro elemental damage as a sub-reaction and while this could seem like a nice buff for these elements. Some characters like Keqing are completely capitalized on it and she can now compete with some of the strongest DPS in the game.

And the reason why she's so good in Quicken teams is all thanks to her Electro Application. You see when a target becomes Quickened, you can just keep attacking with Electro to cause Aggravates and increase the damage, so it's all just a matter of how many times you can trigger the reactions when you swap to a character. Keqing can cause about 7 to 8 Aggravates in 9 seconds, even if most her entire kit is still affected by the usual ICD, meaning she won't cause a reaction with every single Electro attack.

Now in the past, she usually was paired with Pyro team mates, which kind of worked against her because she would cause Overloads and knock enemies far away, unless they were unmovable but now in Quicken teams, this is no longer a problem, everyone just stands there happily and takes the beating from this Electro queen.

Also, Thundering Fury got updated and it now increases Aggravate damage even further and on top of this, since the 4-set also reduces the skill's cooldown when you cause Electro related reactions, you can do a cool rotation like use her skill to place the stiletto, quickly activate the burst, press the skill again to teleport and deal damage and by this point, only about a second should be left before you can just re-use her skill once more and cause a guaranteed Aggravate.

Obviously, she still has that problem with draining the stamina bar with her charged attacks, however, you can instead use her normal infused attacks and still cause Aggravates, which helps partially solve this problem especially against single targets.

Since Quicken or should I say the Aggravate reaction can be boosted further with Elemental Mastery, having about 200 or 300 is already good enough. Quicken can literally fix some characters damage performance if they have good elemental application, and Keqing is definitely one of them who benefited a lot from this new reaction and transformed her into a powerful unit.

If you unfortunately do not have Keqing in your Genshin account, do not worry about it. In IGGM you can buy Genshin Impact Account with Five-star hero Keqing in a reasonable price, we also 50% discount for new customers. If you have any problems you can ask our online supports any times. Do not wait, come here to get your Electro queen now!


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