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The Most Underestimated Buffer? The Introductions of Yun Jin

Posted: Aug 22, 2022

In Genshin Impact there are many 4-star characters play an important role in many teams, they are considered as the good buffers for the strong DPS roles. Today we talk about maybe an underrated character in buff zone, Yun Jin.

Yun Jin's supportive capabilities function is that she provides a flat DMG buff to her teammates that can be multiplied alongside the character's base damage for potentially very large damage increases, and in fact, Yun Jin's buff scales so well that she can become competitive with and even straight up stronger than Bennett in the right teams with high investment.

So why is she, not even a fraction as popular as Bennett? Because her buff can only apply to normal attack damage, therefore, she's confined to a niche selection of teams where the main DPS focuses on that damage, so your prime candidates for Yun Jin to support would be DPS characters like Yoimiya, Ayato and Hu Tao. Basically, any of the available physical DPS units among a few other characters can enjoy Yun Jin's buff as well.

Does this means that Yun Jin plays most competitively with characters who use their normal attacks for the majority of their damage? No, she's not going to be as valuable as Bennett when paired with characters like Eula, Childe, etc. not only because she's bad with them, but also their normal attacks are not typically the main focus of their damage output, at least not enough to effectively apply the value of Yun Jin's buffs.

So in terms of being genuinely competitive as a buffer and having the ability to completely replace other top tier buffers, Yun Jin currently only dominates a small portion of teams, most notably with Yoimiya teams, but she does so very effectively. And normal attack based users are not technically uncommon, so her potential versatility can really only increase with time.

Generally speaking, an equally invested Yun Jin will outperform Bennett in some scenarios, making her very valuable unit. Yun Jin is definitely in the weirdest spot right now, but also poses one of the biggest threats to other buffers as a potentially highly contested unit, because all she needs is a few more normal attack based characters to help her dip into the best buffer's zone.

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