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FFXIV: The Housing Lottery fix has been completed

Posted: May 18, 2022

Posted: May 18, 2022

Source:  IGGM

The Housing Lottery System of Final Fantasy 14 was added in the 6.1patch released a month ago. In order to solve the shortage of private houses among players, a more equitable method was applied to the acquisition of houses. But there were several errors in the first round of the draw on April 16, including one that caused the land to be allocated to players who didn't exist.

After the error, producer Naoki Yoshida suspended the Housing Lottery System for the first time and carried out month-long repair work. During that time, Yoshida has been focusing on bug fixes and reporting their progress to players on time. Finally, maintenance was carried out on May 16 to restore the Housing Lottery and lottery result data to the original.

At the same time, the announcement announced that the next lottery will start on May 26, which means that players who are drawn will need to complete the land acquisition before then. The second round of draws will continue as usual, with a five-day participation period and a four-day results announcement period. Those who want to get a house in the Empyreum should take this chance.

More notably, players who opted for a refund due to a previous mistake, if they found out that they had won at the time, will still be considered a winner after the data is restored. This is a good compensation for players who can't get a private house in time due to a mistake. As a much-anticipated feature, to make such errors no longer occur, Final Fantasy 14 said that in the next 6.2 updates, an NPC responsible for voluntarily refunding your accidental deposit will be added.

The production team has been actively collecting feedback from players from the discovery of bugs to the complete repair work and has followed up on the problems with high efficiency. I believe that Final Fantasy 14 will bring players a better experience in future development. IGGM is also for this purpose, and we can provide you with FFXIV Gil for sale to support your game progress. Feel free to place an order here and get more information.


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