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FFXIV: The Rising Event Introduces New Items, Sales, and New Stories

Posted: Aug 30, 2021

Square Enix announced that FFXIV’s anniversary celebration has started, which includes much new content. To celebrate the anniversary, the seasonal event The Rising returned to the game with a quest in Ul’dah.

The quest of Rising Calm can be started by talking to Kipih Jakkya (X:10, Y:8.7), and game director and producer Naoki Yoshida will make a cameo appearance in the game, which is a surprise for players.

New items

Two new items have been added this year, Red Moon Parasol, which is displaying red and white colors, and the other is Nymeia Potpourri, featuring a gorgeous animation. You can also purchase iterations from previous years from the Rising vendor. The Rising event will end on September 9th at 9:59 a.m. CT.

The shop also introduced some very popular items, such as Fantasia potions and the SDS Fenrir mount. A Wind-up Ardbert minion and a Sultana’s Seven painting are also added to the shop. This sale will end on September 21.

New story

The celebration will also add new content for lore enthusiasts. A total of 5 new stories will be released and will provide a glimpse at key moments in the lives of the beloved characters in the game. The first story takes you to the Ruby Sea with Yuguri, Au Ra from the Stormblood expansion.

Here is the schedule of the stories:

* The Burden of Duty: Aug. 27

* Second: Sept. 3

* Third: Sept. 10

* Fourth: Sept. 17

* Fifth: Sept. 24

The Rising is the last event before the release of FFXIV's next expansion - Endwalker, which will be released on November 23. FFXIV has attracted more and more fans recently, which also confirms that the developers have been committed to consider players and provide content that they are satisfied with. If you are also looking forward to the upcoming Endwalker, you can prepare for it from now. FFXIV Gil will be indispensable at that time, so you can always check them out on IGGM.

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