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FFXIV Guide: Where and How To Get Gysahl Greens?

Posted: Aug 20, 2021

You will never feel lonely in FFXIV, because no matter where you go, you can have a Companion with you. Your companion will appear in the form of your company Chocobo. When you are not participating in the Duty or not in a specific location, your Companion will follow you and help you in battle. You don't need to summon a companion through an ability like summoning a Minion, but by using an item - Gysahl Greens. However, your companion can only be summoned by using this item, and can only be with you for 30 minutes after being summoned.

In FFXIV, your companion is an important part of completing the quest alone, so it is very important to have a large number of Gysahl Greens. IGGM will introduce the specific method of obtaining Gysahl Greens.

How to get Gysahl Greens?

You can buy them from various vendors. If you or your Free Company own a property, you can also farm or harvest them.

Growing and harvesting Gysahl Greens

In order to grow and harvest Gysahl Greens, you need Gysahl Greens seeds and plots. If you have some levels in the Botanist job, you can get seeds through Intercrossing, and let two plants grow in your plot. If you don't have the level to let them pass the Botanist job, then you can achieve your goal by spending FFXIV Gil.

Once you have these two things, you can plant seeds and water them over time. Once they bloom, they can be harvested and will grow in cycles like other plants.

Buying Gysahl Greens

Almost every activity hub has a merchant where you can buy Gysahl Greens. One of the easiest ways is to buy them in the market. Because they are easy to be bought, the price will not fluctuate very much.

Managing your Gysahl Greens is the first thing you can do after acquiring Company Chocobo early in the game, so you should invest in it as soon as possible.

IGGM is always tracking the topics that players have recently discussed. Recently, many players are also looking for ways to get Gysahl Greens, so now IGGM has updated it in time. Not only tactics, but you can also buy FFXIV Gil on IGGM, which can also help you get Gysahl Greens faster and complete some quests smoothly.


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