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FFXIV Shdowbringers: Tips and Tricks For Matoya's Relict

Posted: Dec 10, 2020

Matoya reappeared in Shadowbringers, which is worthy of joy, because this crotchety old Archon seems to be loved by fans, and her return means that she has a close relationship with this dungeon.

Matoya's Relict, which is her old workshop. And there are some common things and some weird enemies, but when you encounter bosses, it may be troublesome to you become, especially the second boss, which is more difficult to deal with, so this article will give you some tips and tricks to make you defeat the bosses more smoothly and reclaim Matoya's Relict.


The first boss in Matoya's Relict is Mudman. It's not that difficult to deal with. The only attack here that catches you off guard is Petrified Peat/Peat Pelt. Because every ball will roll in the direction teammates are, and dish out damage to the people in its path. If you want these balls to get into the drainage system, this requires each of your teammates to stand on the four drainage systems respectively.

After that, two drains will be blocked, and the two players will go to the remaining drains and keep a certain distance so that the ball will not hit either of them.


In most cases, you only need to avoid a lot of AoE, as the battle goes on, they will become more intense. You can make good use of a spout hit, it will launch you to the cloud close to Nixies, where you can kill the unfinished Nixies, and when Sea Shanty throws, you can still remain on the cloud to protect teammates from wiping. After that, you can repeat with additional AoEs.

Mother Porxie

This is the last battle of Matoya's Relict. It is usually "avoid AoEs", but there are three skills to be aware of:

Huff and Puff:

This knockback will let you pass through half the arena, so you need to move to the side of Mother Porxie, then you will be hit to a safe place.

Mother Porxie's Magic:

This is basically the same as the first one, except that before the death of Aeolian Cave Sprite, because you don’t know where she is, you can't avoid it. So you need to avoid line AoEs while killing her.


In this battle, all you need to do is moving, moving, and moving. But in fact, it is normal to suffer from AoE once or twice. There is no need to rush for healing, cause surviving is the first.

When you defeat Mother Proxie, this dungeon is over and Matoya's Relict is reclaimed. Of course, if you want to complete this dungeon easily, it is of course a good choice to equip with great armor and weapon. This also requires you to have enough FFXIV Gil. If you don't have too much time to grind FFXIV Gil in the game, then going to IGGM to buy the items you need is recommended.

IGGM will also frequently update relevant game news and guides, when you are in the bottleneck period of the game, those may be helpful!


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