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FFXIV Sage Council: Where To Find The Troubled Souls?

Posted: Dec 07, 2021

Endwalker has finally arrived, and IGGM will fulfill its promise and frequently update FFXIV-related game guides so that you can immerse yourself in the game faster. Now if you encounter difficulties in the Sage Council quest, you can continue reading this article.

Where to find the troubled souls?

The Sage Council is the main scenario quest of level 88 in FFXIV. When you arrive and need to find 8 troubled souls in Sharlayan Hamlet, it is very simple.

The area you need to search is marked on the map, but there is nothing marking the location of each area. On the contrary, you need to export to find them because there are many buildings and stairs in this area, which is not an easy task.

Once you talk to the troubled researcher, who has been marked on the map, and your task is to find 8 troubled souls. There are many NPCs with quest markers in this area, but only certain NPCs are included in the quest. They are all outsides, although some are hidden behind bushes or buildings.

The Troubled Souls Locations:

* Distracted Researcher - X:20.7, Y:18.0

* Anxious Engineer - X:21.0, Y:20.4

* Harried Aetherologist - X:22.1, Y:20

* Grimacing Naturalist - X:22.3, Y:20.5

* Despondent Engineer - X:21.0, Y:21.6

* Skeptical Researcher - X:21.0, Y:22.2

* Ponderous Mathematician - X:22.6, Y:21.0

* Hyperventilating Engineer - X:21.5, Y:19.0

After you find them and talk to them, talk to Urianger at the marked location. Now that Endwalker has arrived, players seem to need FFXIV Gil again. IGGM also stated that you can come here to buy FFXIV Gil before Endwalker arrives and be prepared in advance, because when Endwalker arrives you will be immersed in the game faster, now IGGM still provides cheap FFXIV Gil, but because of the influx of orders, sometimes you need to wait for a while before receiving the Gil you bought.


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