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FFXIV's Housing Lottery System bug will be fixed next month

Posted: Apr 29, 2022

Posted: Apr 29, 2022

Source:  IGGM

After experiencing a serious error in the House Lottery System after the 6.1 patch update a few days ago, the producer Yoshida P immediately apologized, and promptly absorbed the feedback from players, and has been following up to solve it.

When Newfound Adventure was released, it attracted many players to experience the Housing Lottery System, but the wrong winning bidder number was selected during the lottery, which made players question its fairness.

Just earlier today, FFXIV officially released instructions to follow up on the Housing Lottery System issue. First, the development team reproduced the selection problems that occurred in the system to verify the specific defects, and completed the repair work of the parts. At the same time, the recovery of lottery data, which is most valued by players, is also underway.

For the vast majority of players, this system provides additional avenues and opportunities for them to get private homes that are scarcer in the game. Although players have a high voice for the update of the system, until the problem is really solved, the system will remain in a frozen state, and players will temporarily not be able to use the system.

After the official release of the work plan, the repair of the public server vulnerability and the recovery of the lottery result data will be carried out on May 16. The official also expresses apologies for the above inconvenience. But for players, it's worth the wait if it can really improve the game.

IGGM will also continue to update relevant news for you, so you can stay tuned. In addition, we also provide you cheap FFXIV Gil to help you get a better experience in the game.


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