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FFXIV: Some new ways to get Gil

Posted: May 06, 2022

Posted: May 06, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As the repair of the housing lottery system is about to be completed, players' demand of the common currency: Gil is also increasing. The previously updated not only added various challenges and the Adventurer Plate that players talked about but also added several ways to farm Gil, I believe it can help you realize your dream of buying a house.

First of all, the easiest way to get Gil is to repeat the Guildleve quest, which is different from ordinary quests. As long as players reach the corresponding level requirements, they can repeatedly obtain a lot of Gil and experience points. Although this is a tedious method, a certain amount of Gil can be got very quickly.

It has to be said that farming Final Fantasy XIV Gil is not difficult, and it is often inseparable from the two ways of collecting and making. The materials obtained by players through collection cost almost no cost, and after making them, they can get some considerable profits. Especially after the player's private housing system is opened, related needs such as house decoration will also create more opportunities to farm Gil. And that's the power of the player economy inside FFXIV games.

At the same time, Currency Exchange is also a good way to get Gil. Players can get various non-Gir currency rewards by completing new questlines, and they can all be exchanged for a certain amount of Gil to support various player needs.

In any case, the above methods require players to spend a certain amount of time and effort. This is useless for players who don't have time to farm Gil, but I recommend this group of players to get FFXIV Gil directly on Because IGGM has a professional team and trading experience, it can provide players with a large amount of Gil in a short time, with safety and low prices.

IGGM will continue to update the latest news of FFXIV. Welcome to choose us, we will provide you with cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil to meet your home buying needs.


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