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FFXIV: Patch 5.5 Will Be Released On April

Posted: Mar 22, 2021

FFXIV is accelerating towards the next big expansion, Endwalker, but before it can usher in this big expansion, fans still need to go through some patches. As usual, the 5.5 patch will be divided into two parts, the first part will be released within a month. There is still a lot of information to know about the patch before it is released. The developer has specified when there will be the next live letter.

FFXIV LIVE Letter 63 will be broadcast at the following time:

  • April 2 at 4 AM PDT
  •    at 7 AM EDT
  • at 12 PM BST

The show will be broadcast in Japanese, but there will be slides in English, and fans will also have live translations at FFXIV Discord and other places as before.

It will also provide the second part of the 5.5 patch release, starting with the big event released by Endwalker in February. The details of the 5.5 patch are unclear so far, but we have captured some new images in the recent update to the trailer.

Patch 5.5 is expected to be released on April 13, and Endwalker will land this fall.

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