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FFXIV: More Details About Weekly and Daily Resets

Posted: Jan 25, 2022

In FFXIV Endwalker, you can participate in many activities, which will allow you to level up your job. Once you reach the endgame of each expansion, you'll rely more and more on the weekly activities. Tomestones, the challenge log, and more all have weekly reset timers so you know exactly when to reset. IGGM will introduce more about the weekly reset.

What time is the weekly reset?

The weekly reset time of FFXIV is every Tuesday at 12 am PST/ 3 am EST/ 8 am GMT. And this trend may not change.

Weekly Resets

The main thing to focus on is the Challenge Log, a list of optional objectives that offers a slew of rewards, including FFXIV Gil, Gold, Gold Saucer MGP, and extra XP.

* Challenge Log - Viewed under Duty sub-menu

* Masked Carnivale/Blue Mage weekly targets

* Resets cap on Allagan Tomestones and raid items

* PvP Frontline Standings

* New Wondrous Tails Journal - Picked up from Khloe in Idyllshire

* Faux Hollows resets

* New Fashion Report in Gold Saucer

* Tower at Paradigm’s Breach rewards reset

* Adventure Squadron Priority Mission reset

* Doman Enclave Reconstruction donation numbers reset

* Custom deliveries allowance reset

* Jumbo Cactpot at Golden Saucer reset

*New weekly Elite Mark bill

* Various other weekly quests, such as “All that Grinds is Not Gloom” in the YoRHa questline

Daily Resets

On top of the weekly reset, there is also a daily reset. The two main aspects of dailies are the Beast Quests and Grand Company quests, both of which have different reset times.

Beast Tribe and Duty Reset - 7 am PST/10 am EST/ 3 pm GMT

* Beastmen quest allowances

* Duty Roulette daily bonuses

*Daily repeatable quests

*Frontline Duty Availability

* Housing Message

Grand Company Reset - Daily at 12 p.m. PST / 3 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. GMT

* Adventurer Squadron training allowances

* Grand Company Supply/Provisioning missions


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