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FFXIV Guide: How To Complete The Vanaspati Dungeon?

Posted: Dec 11, 2021

There are some complex dungeons in FFXIV Endwalker that you need to complete. One of them is Vanaspati. The Vanaspati dungeon is the third dungeon in the game, you need to face 3 waves of enemies. After each wave of enemies, you also need to complete 3 boss fights. IGGM will guide you to complete this dungeon. In addition to some strategies, you can also come to IGGM to buy FFXIV Gil at any time for resource support.

Vanaspati Dungeon

Endwalker introduced 5 new leveling dungeons and 3 endgame dungeons. Vanaspati is the third leveling dungeon, which can be unlocked when you reach level 85.

First Wave: You will fight Terminus Trampler and soldiers who have been transformed into Terminus Shrivers. You also need to defeat a Terminus Idolizer who uses a cone AOE attack.

Second Wave: You need to fight Terminus Sprinter, it will attack random targets with linear AOE move, and a mother Matanga with her children.

Third Wave: The enemy features the Terminus Twitcher, it uses Double Hex Eye, you need to avoid it.

Boss guide for Vanaspati Dungeon

In Vanapati Dungeon, you need to face 3 bosses.

* Terminus Snatcher: The most difficult mechanics to deal with in this boss battle are Mouth Off and Lost Hope. When Terminus Snatcher casts Mouth Off, you need to look around the arena for unopened mouths on the ground, and then run over.

Lost Hope will temporarily mislead the entire team, so getting the move in time and getting to the correct spots in the arena quickly will be the key to winning the battle.

* Terminus Wrecker: It will use Aether Siphon to introduce Aether Spray, there are 2 forms, water or fire. During the water attack, you need to stay close to the center of the arena. During the fire attack, you need to touch a bubble around the arena to be protected from the attack.

* Svarbhanu: What you need to pay attention to is Crumbling Sky, Aetherial Disruption and Cosmic Kiss. Crumbling Sky makes the projectiles fall on the ground to deal a stacked AOE damage. 

Aetherial Disruption divides the area into four parts with symbols on your screen. The areas with matching symbols will explode, and Cosmic Kiss will push you into the blast area. Once you have defeated Svarbhanu, the Vanaspati dungeon is completed. You can get into the next dungeon.

For more FFXIV guides, you can browse IGGM, because Endwalker has attracted the attention of players lately, and players are eager to learn more about it. IGGM will also meet the needs of players and give relevant game tips and tricks frequently. 


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